TV 15.2 on mac used to work but now refuses to connect to PC

I have Team Viewer 15.2 on my Mac and on a windows 10 computer.  These worked fine with each other up until a short while ago.  Now when I try to connect to the PC it refuses the connection. I can connect from the PC to the mac but not the other way.   

The PC shows "incoming connection" and then "authentication rejected".

All settings in the preferences are identical between these two computers



  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @rtampin,

    Thank you for your message.

    In regards to the error message - Authentication rejected, kindly check the password for authentication while connecting. Please noted that TeamViewer randome password would be changed after connections. For more information, feel free to browse - All about passwords.

    Hope it would be helpful in your case.



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  • Thank you for your response.  This was not a password issue @Ying_Q

    I uninstalled TV on the Mac, reinsatlled it and rebooted both computers.  It seems to be good now.  Here's hoping it is resolved for good!