TV on MacOs connecting to TV host on Windows

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Hi all,

Appreciate your input.

I have installed a TV for MacOS ( OSX Yosemite ) and am trying to connect to a TV host on Windows 7. Everytime when I try to connect, it always prompt me to upgrade the Remote host ( aka Windows 7) . I've used TV version 15 for MacOS and version 15 for TV host.

I am puzzled with this remark. I assumed the version has to be compatible in order to achieve smooth connection but apparently it was not meant to be.


Hope any TV gurus out there can assist.


Cheers , Eric



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    Hi @SAA ,

    thank you for your message, welcome to the community!

    Since you are using different operating systems and the latest version, please check in this article the compatabilities: Which operating systems are supported? 

    Hope this information helps

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