No sound from remote computer, worked previously



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    Thank you...  But...  On my Teamviewer display this Window is grayed out and you can't click into the box to place a check mark there.

    Wayne in Denver


  • briguy
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    Came here to fix audio problem. This suggestion worked. (Windows 10, Teamviewer v13.1.3629 on both PCs)
  • I am connecting from an Android Teamviewer to a PC's Windows 10 Teamviewer. 
    My Windows 10 Teamviewer version is the latest 14.0.13880 
    My Android Teamviewer version is 14.0.68CL

     The sound for the connection using Teamviewer ID (Internet) is working without problem.

    Have anyone tried using IP (Intranet) connection and sucessuflly  received sound from remote pc ?  I can't receive any sound with Intranet connection! Appreciate any help.


  • Would you please to send me the copy of Team Viewer 11 (the old one) ? Thanks before
    Hockey [edited by a moderator]

  • rocoltd
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    Version 14.3.4730, still no sound from remote computer.  E-mail address is [please do not post your personal information for your safety.]

  • Had this issue today between my iPad and Win10 PC and managed to get it working.

    When connected to your TV session go into TV options on the Windows PC.

    Choose Audio Conferencing on the left.  Then try various options from the Speakers drop-down box.  There's a play button to play a test sound.  Make sure your mobile device isn't muted and volume is up.


  • Kyle3
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    Hi there, I'm trying to use Mac OS as the remote and connect via my Windows PC. I can take control but I can't hear audio from the Mac. I've seen several posts with third party programs but they are a couple years old. Is it now possible to hear computer audio from a Mac or no?

    Thanks for any help!

  • HappyNem
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    TV 15.7.7 and this just happened to me... NO idea what caused it and I can't fix it...Years later and this is still an issue lol.

  • John-Blumstein
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    I don't believe it, have the same issue after updating to Teamviewer 15. No problem in 14.7, but in version 15 I don't hear the sound from remotecomputer whenever I enable my microphone. 

    Am I the only one with this issue? Thank your for any idea.

  • I am having the same issue today :(


    I tried to go back to version 14.7 but it tells me I have to update and I can't use the old version :|

  • Hi,

    I can't hear the other computer sounds. I have this issue for the last two days, it was working fine before but it suddenly stopped two days ago.

    I am using the free version with Windows 10.

    Any solutions?


  • Hello

    I'm having issues from not hearing sound from remote host. It works with IOS but not on windows 10. I have every sound setting turn on. Any other ideas?

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    I connect remotely to a computer at my church. It is running Vmix to live stream the service and I control the broadcast from home connecting with TeamViewer. I get the video from Vmix but no Audio of any kind. I have been through all the setting I can find and still have no audio. Any thoughts or Ideas?

    Thanks Mark

  • yavuzkurt
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    don't expect any answer from them. It stopped working on mine as well, and I tried the suggested "audio conferencing" options, and nothing worked.

  • yavuzkurt
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    Same here. No answers found on this community site, and their support section doesn't even mention the problem. IT worked fine 2 weeks ago. Obviously one of their updates disabled audio, as they have before.

  • yavuzkurt
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    This issue is back. And they have no answer and no fix, again.

  • yavuzkurt
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    ...still nothing. Does anyone even read these forums?

  • yavuzkurt
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    Still the same problem. Tried reinstalling, no luck. They obviously broke it and don't read these forums or care.

  • Honvai
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    Confirmed no sound from host in here.

  • AikenYankee
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    Open TeamViewer on your remote device, and click Extras > Options: Next, head to the Meeting section, and in the right pane, check Share computer sounds and sharing: Click OK to apply the settings.

  • AliBabaKat
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    Hi, I am using the most recent version of TeamViewer, V 15.34.4 and have confirmed that the check boxes are both checked- both in preferences and on the toolbar. Yet, I am not able to hear sound from the remote source. I just wanted to report that this issue, which seems to be quite ongoing, is back. I am using imac to imac. Help? Thank you!