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I've used Teamviewer for years. Recently I've tried to use it with a person in another town who's computer illiterate and he cannot logon. I've connected with him off and on for several years. Teamviewer gives errror saying his password is wrong. I know it's the password he's alway used. But,we asked for it to send him his password. It did not send his password, instead it reqired he change the password. He did but then, when trying to log in using this password it says it doesn't recognize the new password. As of now we can no longer use Teamviewer.



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    Hello @i_am_jim

    Thank you for your message. ?

    I recommend to set up a personal password on the remote computer. If the password is set up corretly and you enter the right password, there is no reason the connection not to work. ?

    You will find all the information you need in our Knowledge Base article here: Password for unattended access



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