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iPhone Keyboard

sammy22sammy22 Posts: 2

Hi, I cannot find a way to get the keyboard to go back down after I have finished typing. It's as if the button to bring it back down is behind the actuasl keyboard, or there should be a button on the keyboard to make it move down. Am I missing something?




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  • sammy22sammy22 Posts: 2

    omg! I always thought that was an eject button for the drive!!! Thanks!

  • JoshPJoshP Posts: 398 Senior Moderator

    Hello @sammy22 

    You are right! It definitely looks like that ?

    As it turns out, we do not appear to have any articles for the iOS/Android toolbars, as we do for Windows and MacOS - We can look in to adding these to our Knowledgebase, to assist with such queries in the future. 

    Thanks again for the feedback ?

    Senior Community Moderator
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