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Can you even remember authorized devices for more than a day?

Just HOW MANY times are you going to have me re-authorize the SAME BROWSER on the SAME MACHINE??  It seems you are able to remember authorization for maybe one day, then if I visit again on another day, I have to go through the same authorization all over again.    Try remembering which systems are authorizerd and keep track of them, is that at all possible?


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  • FIRSTLY: just how does the TV support team get away with marking this issue as "SOLVED"??? It is not for YOU to determine if it is solved or not.  How very Microsoft of you to presume to mark it solved when it is not so.  It is only for the customers to decide that, not managers trying to falsify their numbers.

    When you sign in via a browser (, the information regarding your trusted devices will be stored in the cookies. When the cookies are deleted, you would therefore have to add the browser once again to your trusted devices.

     I haven't been deleting my TV cookies, and it doesnt explain why it happens to ALL my browsers.  I *do* block various types of 3rd-party cookies, and it would only be by questionable security practices you would run afoul of that

    That is why I would recommend enabling two-factor authentication for your TeamViewer account.

     Using what, my old Casio flip-phone?  Not all of us have nor want "smartphones", and even with that I have no cell service at my house anyway.

     No, I expect it's broken like most everything else (here or elsewhere).

  • Katharina
    Katharina Posts: 136 [Former Staff]

    Dear jelabarre59,

    Thank you for your reply. 

    We certainly did not mean to offend you by marking my previous post as the solution to your question. I can assure you that we have no quotas to fulfill. The Community is a user-driven community – the majority of posts and solutions are therefore created by users, not by TeamViewer staff.

    We absolutely agree with you that the user who posted the question should also choose the solution that, in their opinion, best answers their question.

    However, if we notice that someone contributed a solution to a question and the person who started the thread does not react in any way for several days or even weeks, we may take the liberty of marking the solution ourselves. Our only aim in doing this is to make it easier for all of our users to access helpful information by highlighting the solution to a specific problem.

    We are sorry that you do not agree with our choice in this particular case and appreciate your getting back to us.

    I understand that two-factor authentication is not an option if you quite simply do not have a smartphone. And don’t worry, we do not look down on people who don’t – there are people among our own staff who do not own one, either ;)

    If the problem concerning your browser verification persists, I would still recommend taking a closer look at your cookie settings.

    As an alternative, you could add the TeamViewer client itself to your trusted devices and then access the Management Console from there.  In oder to do this, please try to access your account in your Computers & contacts list in your installed TeamViewer client and add it to your trusted devices (in that case, you should see the related TeamViewer ID in the verification email). Once the device has been added and you are signed in to the Computers & contacts list, you can open the Management Console from within the client via “Connection > Open Management Console”. In this case, no additional browser verification is needed.

    I hope this was helpful. Should you have any further questions, feel free to let us know.

    All the best,


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