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No confirmation e-mail received


I bought a TeamViewer license yeterday morning (March 16, 08:45 AM CET). I still have no confirmation e-mail. I did receive the invoice and the system says it is paid. What cabn I do. Telephone support is not available. I have been wating multiple times for more thans one hour, then the line is disconnnected. I have read there were problems but they were all solved now. But still no e-mail. Please inform me what to do.

Kind regads,




  • ConorDH
    ConorDH Posts: 21

    Hello Arthur. 

    I recommend seeking a refund immediately and finding a different solution to your remote access needs. 

    Teamviewer are taking money and not sending licenses. Support do not assist.

    The community manager is the only person who was able to assist me, but there's only so much she can do. I'm still out quite a bit of money without most of the licenses I purchased, with no solution in site.

    I understand many people need remote access to their work PCs urgently. I'd therefore just recommend that you save yourself the heartache of dealing with Teamviewer and look at the other options available. 

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