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Remote control fails to moto x4/Android 10 with Host: can't set "special access"??

rohan2 Posts: 1

I have the latest TeamView Host installed on my moto x4, running Android 10. I try to connect to it using my Mac running the latest

The connection succeeds and I can see WiFi settings and do FileTransfer, but when I click Remote Control on my Mac, a dialog pops up:

Remotely control this device
Please permits "special access" for this app in the upcoming settings screen and return to the app by using the back button

When I tap OPEN SETTING, the dialog clears and returns me to the Host app. (I never see a settings page). On the Mac I also see the message: "Your partner rejected your connection request". When I go to the app settings manually, the only setting available to enable is Storage.

FYI: I don't have any Add-on package installed (I cannot find an Add-on: Motorolla on the play store).


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