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Join a Team Viewer meeting from an iPad


I was testing how to joni a meeting from an iPad. I got a link to join a meeting in my iPad, followed the link and was informed I had to download the "TeamViewer for Meetings" app.

This app is no longer available:

i read i could use blizz to join the meeting. It didn't work. Blizz sayas it can't join a meeting created in Teamviewer:

Is it possible to join a meeting from an iPad? How?

Thank you in advance,

Alex Figueres
Training Responsible
Focus Software AS



  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    Hi @alexFM 

    To your first screenshot, it seems that you tried to download the app directly from a web page. If you see the following screenshot from the official Apple website, you can see that "This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad".

    Screenshot 2020-03-24 17.51.12.png


    Well, I recommend you follow these directions (open the App Store in iPad, search and install it) and please update if this helped you.

    Best regards

  • honza24uhonza24u Posts: 2

    The TeamViewer for Meetings is not compatible with iOS 13, so the question remains unanswered. Ho can someone join a TeamViewer meeting from an iPad? Right now it seems impossible.

    I have also tried to access the QuickJoin module, but your website did not even notice I am connecting from iOS and offered me a zipped app for download.

    You really do need this fixed, if you don't want the competitors to shut you down.

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