Is Servicecamp officially abandoned ?

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I'd like to know if Servicecamp has been officially abandoned by Teamviewer? Can you confirm that you are no longer doing any development and updates on this tool?
The last update was in July 2019, and it was to add a responsive version for mobile use.

Beside that, still no critical features added despite multiple requests here.

We can quote this request for a simple functionality common to all good ticketing systems, the merging of tickets :
This request is open since 2017 but still not implemented.
We have had Servicecamp in place since January 2018 and no changes have occurred since then. (except for the responsive version)
We can also mention this request which was announced during the development and even planned ... in 2018. Still nothing to date and no answer on this subject and no new deadline communicated :

I understand that it is interesting for you from a commercial point of view to add a ticketing feature to Teamviewer, but if it is not updated it is of no interest to us customers.

I have asked your support team several times for the possibility to add Servicecamp to the page but this is still not the case even though your "Teamviewer Community" forums are there. This shows that you consider Servicecamp to be a secondary service.
When Servicecamp encounters an incident and is inaccessible, we have no information, no updates, no follow-up possible.

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    Hi, I thinking the same, pelease someone answer this important question.

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    I'm guessing the answer must be yes, it's being abandoned?

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    id like to know if Servicecamp has been officially abandoned by Teamviewer? 

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    Gettin' snubbed, huh?😳