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Remote connection does not show a normal desktop

Computer A & B: Windows 10, Teamviewer 15

Plz check the screenshot from A, the machine B tab appears on the left corner, which means I think the connection is made, but B's screen doesn't show normally, I mean there should be icons with cursor out there. It's hard to say that is a black screen, just the display is abnormal

A > B: failed,  B > A: works




  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 2,996 Moderator

    Hello @Anondot,

    Thank you for your message. ?

    It's possible that is it a display lag/bug. ?‍♂️

    Could you please try to refresh the screen with the refresh button?
    You will find it in the toolbar under View: Remote control toolbar - View 

    I hope this could help. ?



    French Community Moderator
  • AnondotAnondot Posts: 2

    Refresh screen cannot solve my issue as I tried,thx

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