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Local computer lock screen after inactive timeout

I use TeamViewer 15.4.4445 on Linux Mint 19. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, we all switched to distance education. When I listen the speaker using TeamViewer and not move mouse and not press keys on keyboard my screen locked as inactive. I need to enter password to continue. Can TeamViewer send dummy active signal such as VLC player when I look film to prevent screen lock?


  • fxdiler
    fxdiler Posts: 3

    Your solution about VLC application but I havn't problem with VLC, I have problem with TeamViewer. VLC as example and it has option "Disable screensaver". I need such option in TeamViewer preferences.

  • rolandg
    rolandg Posts: 64 ✭✭

    just exchange vlc with teamviewer:
           xset s off; teamviewer; xset s on;

    either in a bash script or a desktop file

    Also Mint might give a configuration option to disable the screensaver locally.

  • fxdiler
    fxdiler Posts: 3

    I don't need a ctutch solution. Also I don't want to disable screensaver at all. It is a problem of TeamViewer application that haven't options to disable screensaver during active session.

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