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Screen Sharing on iOS


According to this page Blizz supports screen sharing on iOS: "Blizz lets you screen share from Android and iOS devices"
But how do you actually do that?

I'm currently supporting a user that tries to do just that while not having an iOS device myself.
There doesn't seem to be a good guide with screenshots for it, just for TeamViewer. (this one) This is confusing for users.


Screenshot.JPGSo far we have added the Screen Recorder to the command center.
Then, while Blizz is running, if the user long presses the Screen Recorder icon, other apps like Camera Roll or Zoom show up, but not Blizz.

This is on iOS version 13.3.1 on an iPad Pro 12,9" 3rd Gen.

Best Answer


  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐

    Hi @Sjet 

    I'd like to give you a hint to follow that maybe drive you to solve this since I don't have iPad pro.

    Please give a look at this post, especially to the video at the bottom, which describes how to enable and allow screen sharing over a running app. It is for the TeamViewer app but I thought that it could fit your case since the issue you are facing seems to be related.

    Best regards

  • Sjet
    Sjet Posts: 5

    We can't follow the video at the bottom at 0:37, because Blizz isn't present in the list that shows up when  you long press the screen recorder icon in the control center, while other apps like camera roll are visible.