How does one end screen sharing in a video call?

mke Posts: 10 ✭✭

Hello, sorry if the answer to this is obvious, but two of us haven't been able to work out what we need to do!

I make a video call quite frequently with a friend who is partially sighted, and sometimes during the call one or other of us wants to show our computer screen to the other, occasionally with remote control when my friends 'high visibility settings' stop him from reading information on badly designed web pages that don't display properly with his settings and he can't read them or see where a button is to click, etc. with standard display settings.

We know how to do screen sharing (and change it to remote control if needed), but when we want to stop sharing we can't work out how to get back to the first screen showing us just as members of our 'meeting' and our webcam video streams.

We can stop sharing using the buttons in the meeting control panel, but what happens then is that the screen (adjusted to be the remote computers screen size) just goes black. We can't work out how to change that screen back into the original one showing us (as the meeting's members) and our cams.

Any help gratefully received!