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Unable to Save Setting for Security > Lock Remote Computer - IOS App V 15.4.1

Hello I'm just reaching out to this community today to share an issue I've had with the teamviewer ios app. 

As of version 15.4.1 I can select / change the setting for Security> Lock Remote Computer but when I leave the settings menu it is immeditly reverted back to what it was set to before I made the change. 

I've tested this on a couple of IOS devices, one of which was jailbroken. The same behaivor was observed on both the jailbroken and non jailbroken device. I was able to fix this issue by downgrading to V 15.3.1 to make the settings change, but version 15.4.1 will not allow me to chagne this setting once it is set from an older app version. 

Kind regards, 


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