Host module and RAM usage

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Hi All,

we've been using TeamViewer for just about a year now to remote service our Beckhoff pcs in the field. As we need a vpn connection every once in a while we had to install the host modules on the Beckhoff pcs, otherwise the quicksupport module would have been sufficient. Per default the Pcs arent connected to the www (The www is activated when necessary)The problem we have is that the host module slowly uses up more and more RAM until the pc complains about low memory and dies(it this case the host was using 1.5GB of RAM) The ram usage seems to be worse when the pc doesn't have a www connection.  The  PCs have limited RAM (3GB). To solve this we removed  the autostart of the host and start it manually when necessary.  Question: Is there any setting to improve this or will the Quick support module support vpn one day? 

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