How to prevent unattended access to my admin computer?

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I have TV ADMIN HOST installed on my 3 computers (I am working on field, driving back and fort between my 3 office locations). And I have also approx 100 clients all over the country.

Now I noticed that I can simply double-click my computer ALFA when I am in BETA office, and teamviewer just let's me in without asking for TV password. Same applies between all my 3 locations, ALFE, BETA and GAMMA - wherever I am, teamviewer does not ask for password.

What I tried?

I tried to REMOVE password in the list of computers ALFA, BETA and GAMMA under Properties --> Password --> I removed it. But it did not help.

Similar is happening to me with CLIENT computers. Some OLD installs, which were upgraded from TV 11 to TV 15, always ask for TV password, whenever I connect. But some other clients, maybe those NEW TV 15 installs, simply ask for passowrd once, and never again.

Seems like TV tends to remember password without asking me to remember password, and without an option to forget password. This is HUGE security concern, if you ask me!