TeamViewer Tensor License - Policy Limit

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Hi all, i'm new to the wonderful but frustrating world of TeamViewer, but I wonder if anyone can help me. My organisation has recently purchased a TV Tensor License. I have deployed the host module to our organisation's devices, over 4000, most of them have successfully picked up the installation and have auto-assigned themselves into the correct device folder while being assigned the correct device policy.

The problem i'm having is some devices haven't picked up the policy. When I manually assign a device and allow easy access, it seems to be okay. I'll go and perform the same task on another device, this will also work fine. Then i'll look back at the previous device and i'll find the policy has disappeared.

Have I hit a limit of some sort? Is there somewhere I can go and check for this? Do I need to buy more device licenses?

Many thanks in advance.

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