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Main PC ID

Recently logged on to TV after a break.  My main PC name and id has been changed on the console?? My original name is still shown but i can't access it. the original name is the proper name of my PC. but  my tablet and ipad show the new one.  Anyone know how this might have happened.  ( please bear in mind i only have one brain cell like DT so i might be a while for me to understand any of your replies Many thanks  HO



  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,476 Moderator

    Hello @HoHum,

    Thank you for your message and welcome! ?

    The TeamViewer ID of your device shouldn't change. I explicitly say shouldn't because in some edge cases (like doing a major OS update), the TeamViewer ID might change. You will find all the information you need in our Knowledge Base article here: What is a TeamViewer ID? 

    You can edit the name of the devices you have added into your Computer & Contacts list in your Management Console, but also in the TeamViewer program itself, as the TeamViewer program is also featured with your Computers & Contacts list:

    1. Open TeamViewer
    2. Click on the device
    3. Go click on the grey gear icon and then on Properties
    4. Edit the computer name in the Alias sectionTeamViewer.png


    I hope this could help. ?

    If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. ?



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