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I am trying to add a user but I get the message "This e-mail address is already in use". The user used another company account in the past to login to a PC. We did contacted the other company and they said they have removed his e-mail from their account. Still getting the same message. It is something I can do to release his e-mail address from what it's keeping it locked?



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    Hello @Claud,

    Thanks for your post.

    When an account is removed from a TeamViewer Company Profile, it is not deleted; rather it is converted to a standard free account.

    The instructions to add an existing account into your Company Profile is found in User Management using the +Add Existing Account button. This will provide you with a URL: 

    2017-01-27 16_20_10-TeamViewer Management Console join company.png

    The user will need to go to the link, sign in, and follow the on-screen prompts. Once done, they will appear in your User Management as a request.

    More info: Add users to your Company Profile 

    Hope this helps!

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