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Host app crashes after a minute on Samsung

Hey folks,
Having issues with TeamViewer Host on Android. It's a new device, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, running Android 9.0, fully updated. My remote access to the mobile device works fine, for all of a minute, then the Host app crashes.
I can then reconnect, for a minute again, and then it crashes again. I'm unable to reconnect after that; the standby mode is never exited.

The device in question is used for my grandmother who's in her 90s, and has difficulty hearing and more recently seeing, so a remote access to help her with using the device is very necessary. A few nights ago I had to talk to her for a full hour just to turn off a single setting, because the Host kept dying.

Any help is appreciated. It's a new device, minimal stuff installed, it was updated in OS and Play Store.




  • I have the exact same problem as described by SortaCore.

    Samsung Tab A (2016) SM-T580

    I am helping my old father who is isolated at a hospital.

    This Tablet is a fresh install, configuration and latest updates.


  • SortaCore
    SortaCore Posts: 2

    After weeks of no response from TeamViewer, and today enduring my 90-year-old grandmother crying from feeling it's all her fault that things aren't working, I'm forced to switch to a different line of products, despite using TV exclusively for years. @Morten-Norway, if you're still struggling, **Third Party Product**  appears permanently free for personal use and supports unattended access.

    To say I'm bitterly disappointed in the response would be an understatement. I'm sure TeamViewer will post many encouraging public statements about how we're all in this together in the COVID-19 crisis and how they're lowering prices, while ignoring the vulnerable in their free users caste. I'll appreciate that, I'm sure.

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