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Mobile to mobile error

Eli834 Posts: 3

I am using a Samsung Galaxy s9 tried connecting to a s20 and another s9 and getting the same error. It says to make sure the other device is connected while it is. I was able to connect from the s20 to the s9 but not from ether s9 to any other phone. Any ideas?

Thank you


Best Answer


  • Eli834
    Eli834 Posts: 3

    I did do that. And still doing the same thing.

  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐

    If you did it within the 24 hours and are not able to connect again, then I would recommend the solution of uninstalling the app, reboot the device, and install the latest version. 

    If you asked again to add it to trusted devices, just follow the procedure and if not exist other reasons that keeping the phone restricted, you will be able to connect.


  • Eli834
    Eli834 Posts: 3

    Ok. Thank you got it. The other devices never added their device to their trusted devices. 

    Have a great day