Unfortunately, you have not activated your Customer Portal account.

I cant get a single account working right now.

Tried an old account that had an old company license, could'nt get into the customer portal, could'nt get a email where I can confirm my account.

Tried to register a new account, got an email with the link, only to get a "toklen is invalid" message when I try to click it.

What else is there to try?



  • Tried to change my email to get a new activation email, clicked the link, got


    Es trat ein Fehler beim Bearbeiten der Anfrage auf.
    Fehlercode: mWjNrpBzn4L-3-1-2F-gfK
  • JeanK
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    Hello @1100f2c907cc,

    Thank you for your message. ?

    Unfortunately, the customer portal is not available for your region yet.

    Could you explain a little more what are you trying to do? Maybe we can help you out here.



    Community Manager

  • JeanK
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    Hello @Closed account

    Guessing you here not located in a Customer Portal country was just an assumption. If you were, the link would work for you.

    To upgrade your free license to a paid license, we recommend contacting our sales team: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/support/sales-inquiry/ 

    Best regards


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  • This is total **bleep**. I did try to buy mobile add on. I cannot do it because I am getting 

    Unfortunately, you have not activated your Customer Portal account. Please click on the activation link sent after your purchase

    Fix this lousy system. We are paying for the product and you cannot even answer ticket. Are you on holiday or did all of you die for corona?

    And we have been using Teamviewer and paying enought to not getting this kind of problems when we need license.


  • user23467522
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    SAME PROBLEM HERE. I have an account. I've had the account for over 15 years. I pay for this account. Every **bleep** year I get a notice via email saying to update my information to ensure that my automatic renewal goes through, and when I click on the link, I get "Unfortunately, you have not activated your Customer Portal account. Please click on the activation link sent after your purchase.

    Click here to activate your contract." AFTER I sign into my **bleep** account. So I cannot EVER get to the place where you have any of this **bleep** saved so I can update it, and you end up sending me a **bleep** invoice instead to which I have to send a check.

    This is so unbelievably mismanaged and disorganized and every year, it gets WORSE. Instead of constantly developing "new" **bleep** products that are half-baked before you release them, how about focusing on getting your original product dialed in and working 100% first? TeamViewer support is USELESS. I've given up on every aspect of your company except for the remote access so I can help my clients. Other than that, I'm done. You have nothing to offer me or my company. This is so beyond absurd.

  • Esther
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    Hi UR,

    Sorry to hear about your experience with the Customer Portal. The Portal has been designed to be an advantage - and not a burden.

    To get this resolved asap for your account, I think, the fastest way for you would be to get in contact with our Service team. They can make sure that we get your access to the Customer Portal set up properly.

    Maybe you want to give them a call directly on Monday: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/customer-support/

    Thanks and please get back to us in case of any additional questions,


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