Android Mass deployment Host configuration with MDM dynamic variables

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Feature request: Allow pre-configuration of the Android Host Module so as to process dynamic variables that can be used to populate fields, and particularly the device Alias (Name), when the device is assigned.

The current behaviour is that the device Alias (Name in the Computers and Contacts table) is populated with a string consisting of the device brand, model and Serial number (e.g. samsung_SM-T515_R52MA0KSFXX). This information also gets stored in the device's Description, which is handy.  However, to allow the device to be recognised by humans for remote connection, the device Alias (Name) needs to be populated with the name that the device has been given (through other automated means - see below). So admin technicians need to manually use the Serial number to look up external reference notes to identify what the device name is, and change this 'default' device Alias (Name) to the human intelligible name that device name as been given. The whole point of a Mass deployment Host is to automate the process as far as is possible!

Please introduce a feature to allow configuration of the Host Module so as to control how the device's fields in TeamViewer are populated from the device. Some (most?) EMM / MDM solutions allow for the passing of dynamic variables to apks as part of the configuration.  Example:

  • %username% - Fetches the user name of the device user.
  • %upn% - Fetches User Principal Name(UPN) associated to the user.
  • %email% - Fetches the e-mail address of the user.
  • %udid% - Fetches the UDID associated with the device
  • %imei% - Fetches the IMEI number associated with the device
  • %serialnumber% - Fetches the serial number associated with the device
  • %devicename% - Fetches the name associated with the device
  • %domainname% - Fetches the org domain, of which the user is a part of.
  • %apn_username% - Fetches the APN user name of the user.
  • %apn_password% - Fetches the APN password of the user.
  • %easid% - Fetches the EAS ID associated with the user.

There are a number of fields in TeamViewer that could be populated with this data. The fields that are currently populated with 'hard coded' data include:

  • Alias (Name)
  • Description

It would be useful to also be able to have the enrollment process create a Note and populate it, including with a Time / Date stamp.

An alternative to the above 'bells and whistles' feature would be an MVP of hard-coding the Host to populate the device Alias (Name) in TeamViewer with a dynamic variable passed to it from the MDM deploying software (e.g. %devicename% above).
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    Is this implemented yet?

    Managed configuration of Teamviewer host for Android has following setting

    Partnerlist device name (optional)

    But what are the placeholders that you can provide?

    and does is set the device alias or?