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teamviewer for the gamer

ive been testing out many streaming software simply for the purpose of being able to sit down with my laptop while accessing my pc i have to say teamviewer seems to be the best when it comes to streaming the display while not using much bandwidth at all sadly when it comes to it streaming mouse and keyboard it lacks i understand this software is aimed at businesses which is great i believe for companys this will work great however for a consumer with other intentions there should be a change i believe there should be a gaming mode option it wouldn't have to be complex all it would have to do is stream me holding down a key on the keyboard instead of constantly updating it which causes a unplayable lag in most games that render you so slow you could never complete anything once that was figured out you'd need to figure out a way of making the game and mouse communicate better i hope this idea could be considered i dont think it is unreasonable or hard to do i few setting tweaks and boom you can add a new game mode setting that changes the way the software transmits data and we can then be able to play games i believe this could get a lot more people interested in the software especially if you can make this while keeping it bandwidth friendly

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