Chat window persitence


Is there the ability to make the Chat window on the Teamviewer Host app stay open when I disconnect from the remote session with the user's machine? Being able to leave them instructions would be nice.

Thanks, John


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  • cquirke
    cquirke Posts: 26 ✭✭

    Thanks, that is helpful - but what would be even better, is to add a link to a persistent copy of the in-session chat. Currently, this is lost whenever the session ends for any reason (and reasons abound when supporting sick systems), which really should be fixed!

    I'd suggest a "signature" facility, where one could craft exit-message templates to use "off the peg". One of these should include a link to the session chat, if not a full copy of that text itself.

    Here's my typical support scenario: I'm paid, other end is free, and during the support session we chat via the top-line UI. Trouble is, whenever TeamViewer loses the connection (by itself, or Internet connectivity drop, or target system crashes... common, that's why they usually need support) the chat is lost. This is maddening, as these chats are our log, and also record start and end times for billing.

    So please, persist these chats somewhere, at least on the "paid" end of the session!

  • adamXpeter
    adamXpeter Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Can't you find the older chats in the top-right chats icon on the new interface? I'm paid to, and there is two very old chats there. I have chatted with two users of my remote support module.