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Missing Features


we are Moniti's customer and are currently checking whether the functional range of the new Web Monitoring meets our requirements. I couldn't find some features that are important for our company. Now I want to find out if I didn't find these functions or if they don't exist. Of course, it would also be nice to know whether an implementation is planned: Its about the following points:

- Checking the website content / checking for a keyword
- Setting up a maintenance window
- Notification via SMS

I could not find these functions at the moment. Can you tell me anything about them?

greetings, Mirko Lehmann


  • Karlen
    Karlen Posts: 76 Staff

    Hi Mirko Lehmann!

    Thanks for using Monitis.

    Concerning your questions;

    • Checking the website content / checking for a keyword
    •  Setting up a maintenance window
    •  Notification via SMS

    Content matching along with Maintenance period and SMS Notifications is in our Plans and will be added to TeamViewer Web Monitoring. 

    Product Owner, Remote Management services
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