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No Sound from Windows 10 to Android

coestric Posts: 3

I have a mobile device with Android 10 and a Laptop with Windows 10 (version 1909 build 18363).

When I try to remote control my laptop (connection is over LAN) from the TeamViewer Android application everything works well except there's no sound streamed at all to my Android device.

Also, I made sure that Play computer sounds and music option (under Remote Control tab) and Share computer sounds and music option (under Meeting tab) are both enabled in Teamviewer desktop settings.

Also I tested both Voice Playback and Voice input  devices (under Audio conferencing tab) and they are both working.

I've Teamviewer latest versions both installed on Windows (v15.7.7) and Android (v15.7.98).

I have this issue for a long time since the first time I installed Teamviewer and it hasn't been solved in any of the previous versions.

Also there's an old question for someone mentioning the same issue, but he didn't mention how he solved the problem.

Could you please help me solve this to make sound from Windows 10 work on Android?