Tickets randomly created

User sent mail, seen in Office365 mailbox, but no ticket created. Forwarded the same mail 4 times to our servicedesk mailbox. 3 times a ticket was created, one time nothing appeared. From the 4, I removed long mail thread from 2 of the mails before forwarding. 2 of the mails with HTML tables and images were created ticket for. However, the tickets were created with attachments only, no text. Another issue is if a user request access to a SharePoint site, SharePoint send a HTML "table" message to our servicedesk mailbox. ServiceCamp never creates a ticket on this mailformat. Maybe because the items count is 1 being the HTML "table", not the minimum amount of content for the tool to react on. Nevertheless, would be good to have this solved as well Where can we see logfiles / get input on tracing further. br Oystein