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TeamViewer 15.7.6 differs between Linux Client and Windows 10 host

AD5XJ Posts: 1

I have a Windows 10 host and I am connecting with a Linux Client. Both are the same version (v15.7.6). However, I do notice they are not the same. On the Windows host, there are quite a few options in the Extras->Options dialog. on the Windows host machine that does not appear on the Linux TeamViewer client with the same version. Other Windows clients see what the host sees and have full control of the host machine.

This is perplexing since I already know the v15 is written with Qt and the software is the same for both OS platforms. That means the functionality should be the same for both.

Why this difference?

It has limited the Linux client for no apparent reason. So far I have been unable to enable a Linux client running the very same version as the host, hear any sound from the host...or for that matter even see the remote options that are on the Windows host and Windows clients.

Is this on purpose or an oversight? What can I do for the Linux client to have the same remote functionality as Windows remote clients?