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Issue recording a video while I'm sharing my screen on QuickSupport on Iphone 11

andmoy Posts: 1

On iPhone 11, when I share my screen on QuickSupport, if I open the camera app, the video recording option is not available, only photo modes. It only works if I open the camera app on the video mode before sharing my screen.
It seems that if I use a third-party app to record videos, it does work, and this issue only happens in the native camera app.
On iPhone 7, it does work properly, and I can record a video while sharing my screen as expected.
Is it a bug, or am I missing something?
Both iPhones are up to date, running IOS 13.6



  • McNaughtY
    McNaughtY Posts: 1

    I too have experienced this issue.  It's so fustrating.  This is a very recent thing occurance probably from a recent update to the Teamviwer Quick support App.

    I'm using an iPhone 11 Pro Max.  When I'm not connected to TV Quick support I can record video in the iPhone camera app and any other installed camera app.  When I'm connected to TV Quick support that Video record funcationality goes away.

    This does not happen when I'm using **Third Party Product** SOS.

    Can someone from Teamviwer take a look at this issue... much appreciated.

  • Teamviewer will you ignore this problem ???
    Three weeks and nenhum official return ...

  • Anyone got a solution to it? Other video camera app?

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