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TeamViewer on IPad Pro

Wxadbpl Posts: 1


I installed TeamViewer on my iPad Pro 3rd gen as it is already connected to a Slim Folio Pro  keyboard and just installed a Logitech M720 mouse as well.

I'm trying to connect to a Windows 7 desktop and tried to do remote control to it. I was expecting to move the mouse of the remote PC as I move my M720 mouse but it doesn't. Is this normal or is there a setting I can do to simulate real remote control on that Win 7 PC?


Thanks in advance.



  • henrymyf
    henrymyf Posts: 2 Newbie

    I had the same problem. It seemed that the cursor is not moving along with my mouse or touch pad on my iPad Pro 3rd gen. But I found that I could drag the cursor to make it move to the spot I want, just like moving an icon on the desktop. With this method, and together with on-screen-keyboard, I could make it work.

    But still, I really hope that the physical magic keyboard could be used inside the remote desktop, which is not possible right now.