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Android phone: your current license is not compatible with your partners teamviewer license

Bas Posts: 1

When I start teamviewer on my phone (samsung galaxy s7) and I login with me teamviewer account, I am unable to control any of my listed partners.

I get the following notification on my phone: your current license is not compatible with your partners teamviewer license.

When I logout, and just type in the partner ID of any computer I tried to control earlier, I can control any PC.

What is the issue here?

Many thanks in advance



  • Hello

    any solution yet?

  • True
    True Posts: 2

    I have the same issue. I have two computers with the latest V13 and the latest V13 apps on my android phones. Neither phone can connect to my computers anymore. It seems that this broke with version 13.

    If I type the ID in manually the phone still gives me "Your current license is not compatible with your partner's TeamViewer version. You need to update your license to the current version." How the heck do I do that if there is no newer version for android? I use teamviewer for personal use for family and now my access is broken.


  • a workaround was posted in this thread, on android, you have to disconnect (settings menu) from your account prior to connect using the partner id.
  • So, we paid for a corporate license, and we can't store a list of our PC's on our mobile?  Joking right?

  • having the same issue here. Just updated to the latest version on android. But still cant access my computer (updated to latest version as of 17 dec 2018)
  • wrkc
    wrkc Posts: 1
    any solution except signing out of account?
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