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Can i somehow text my friend without a trusted connection

Hi i have a question. 

I have come across a bad situation. (For me) I will explain everything. While i was on a server i just was installing an addon for my well. i met him but we became after 30mins. and i connected to him twice. and the password was saved. so i didnt do anything about it. Then we keep playing and chatting in the game. But when somesting wasnt working on his side i wanted to connect but it didnt work! Because the password wasnt there and it said For sending messages it must be created atleast 1 verified connection to the partner. But if i connected to him twice. How can i not just message him? thats just dumb. I really like the guy i met on the game and i want to communicate with him again. Any solutions? ;_; I have is id. But dont know if it will help. Just please do somesting. :(



  • Ondra
    Ondra Posts: 2


    I wasnt dumb i wanted to connect to him again but it didnt work because we wanted to go on a different server. so i told him london 9 and he wasnt there and i wanted to connect to him but the password wasnt there.

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