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Teamviewer starts but never loadeds Ubuntu 20.04


In my fist attempts to get teamviewer working with ubuntu, I've been struggling to get it to start up properly. Immediately after install, I can connect from antother pc and everything works fine. Howerver after a restart, I am not able to connect (the computer shows up as online, but I get an error when connecting). Also on the computer I am trying to connect to, the teamviewer GUI launches but never loads properly. All of the tabs are stuck with a message that says "TeamViewer is starting Please wait..." even though it says Ready to connect (secure connection) in the bottom. It never ends up loading either.

Any ideas? Thanks




  • Update: restarting the daemon seems to fix this issue, however since I'd like to use WOL to remote start this machine, reloading the daemon isn't a very accessible option. It seems to have something to do with enabling startup with the system.

  • I have the same problem.

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