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Windows XP issues & latest supported version v14.2.56674 not available to download

Although v14.2 is the latest version available for Windows XP I am getting a number of the same issues across on any XP-based endpoint I have installed it on (varying hardware specs etc)

The issues:

I cannot download v14.2 (latest available for Windows XP) from anywhere on the Teamviewer site. On the 'older versions page' under version 14 you are only able to download v14.7. If you try to download from the Teamviwer homepage when accessing from a Windows XP machine the page cannot redirect/ load - This happens on all XP machines I have tried regardless of the borwser (IE8 / Firefox / Chrome).

If I install version 13.2.36218 after downloading directly from Teamviewer, the 'Check for new version' always fails. Again this is consistent across all the Windows XP PC's I have installed on.

The latest version I have had working on an XP virtual machine in the past is v14.2.56674, this was done through automatic update when it was working. This version however is not available for direct download anywhere - Can someone provide a download link for this?

We support a large network of old machines that run XP in order to host legacy software, so unfortunately updating the OS is not an option.

I understand that XP is no longer supported, but I have a paid license and expect the last released version for XP to be available to me.

I have tried using other versions on XP up to v14.2.56673, however all versions I have used contain the same issue whereby the GUI cannot load at startup (GUI apphang errors) and therefore a remote connection cannot be made.

Many thanks in advance!


  • gump
    gump Posts: 1

    I don't know if this helps or not, but I wanted (needed) to download a specific version of Teamviewer in order to have the exact same build as my father whose home computer I was trying to support.

    I couldn't find the version I wanted (TeamViewer 9.0.24951) from "here", so I found a (non-malware!) version elsewhere. For you, the closest one I found was @ [third-party download link removed per Community Guidelines]

    Good luck.

    Note, obviously be careful with downloading from non TeamViewer sites ... (TeamViewer, don't block me!)




  • Hello,

    I also need the installer of the version 14.2.56674 for Windows XP, but the download site shows under v14 only version 14.7.

    Please, could you point me to the right link of the installer?

    Many thanks..

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