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  • SSSteven4
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    I have been using teamviewer for a long time, and it works great. However lately my connections are cut off in about 1-2 minutes and then I get a message saying i cannot reconnect.

    Why does the program cut me off, what can I do to fix it?

    I get an error message that says your teamviewer session has timed out and will be closed"

    I was only connected 1 minute.

    The next screen says " This was a free session sponsored by . Teamviewer sessions are free of charge for personal use. Thank you for playing fair!"

    Well i am using this completely for personal use so I don't understand what's going on.

  • Bluejanis
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    TekMrk summarized the situation pretty well.

    I want to add 2 more details. Even when you close the teamviewer session yourself before getting kicked, you get a temporary ban for no reason.

    I recently changed time zones and encountered the problem afterwards. Maybe teamviewer saves this info wrong and now got hickups?

  • b_broody1
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    I have asked several times and have not received an answer I use Team Viewer for personal use only with 1 friend. When I sign on within 2 minutes I am shut down. Months ago I got the commercial use message and took the necessary steps and that was corrected, but since then I can not use team view at all.

  • TekMrk
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    Wow Bluejanis! I think that you may be on to something. I believe that my issue had started around the time when daylight savings time changed. Maybe something to look into.

  • ShiTai
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    I have not used TeamViewer for several years, but due to the pandemic and the inability to physically reach pc's, I would like to ask a few questions:

    Is my TeamViewer account still valid?

    Is there a limit on the number of computers for non-commercial use?

    (Assumes use on about 10 computers - home computers at home and computers of my parents and wife's parents).

    What to do if I receive a message that I use the TeamViewer for commercial purposes, but in fact use it only for non-commercial purposes - i.e. without making a profit (helping parents and relatives)?

    (I had bad experience before)

    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

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    Hello JeanK

    Sorry for the long delay - I thought I would (somehow) receive an email that my question had a response.

    Anyway, "My" TeamViewer connects with the other computer and all is well - for about a minute or so, then it times out

    Screen shot also shows second monitor - sorry about that. I have had no problem in the past, this is a recent phenomenon.

    I do help several older (mostly older than I, and I am 74) friends, but it is a volunteer situation, not a paid service.

    Does TeamViewer "think" I am using this for commercial use? If so, how do I reset my version to "free, non-commercial" use?

    I will try to remember how I got here, or my email is **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**.


  • MostlyVoid
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    When using Teamviewer on iOS to connect to my home computer, the connection times out after about a minute. When I try to re-connect, I get an error saying that I have to wait. When I do wait the specified time, I get the same error message saying I have to wait more time. If I tap the "More info" option, I get another message saying "Thank you for your purchase." I'm confused on that, since I've entered no payment information.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled and no change.

  • perryking
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    Same problem here - Using latest version of Windows 10.

  • EuroPWM
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    I am disconnected from the remote system after about 50 seconds using TeamViewer Free Licence - no notice that I am being suspected of commercial use (which I am not doing). Both system have 15.13.6 version - uninstalled and reinstalled

    Support not allowing us an easy method to provide a notification of this problem is poor - enough people seem to have the problem to warrant them looking into the situation.

    TXJPC Posts: 1

    I have been having the same time-out problem and I think I just found the answer. I have four(4) PCs (3 Laptops and 1 desktop) my main PC is a laptop that has Windows 10 PRO, my other PCs are Windows 10 home. I just realized, after many uninstalls and re-installs that the Windows 10 home PCs will connect with each other without the timeout problem, it is only when I try to use my Windows 10 Pro PC that I get the timeout problem. I have uninstalled and re-installed on the Pro PC a couple of times but the same result, I even uninstalled TV and then went thru the Registry and deleted every instance for Teamviewer and rebooted and re-installed TV and that did not work.

    Is there something about Win 10 PRO that is causing this problem???

  • boulderman
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    keep getting messages I am using for commercial purpose and am not why?

  • TekMrk
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    Interesting, after going through the TV "reset" process they told me of my 10 TV PCs (6 of which are mine other 4 are friends and family) that 2 of them had the issue and that all I needed to have reset was those 2, (not all 10 as I had done only a month ago in December 2020) of those two one was Windows 10 Professional. Interesting. I'm aware that Windows server cannot be considered a Personal Use TV installation. I think in some circumstances Windows Professional editions sometimes can be confused for Windows Server edition. Could this be what's happening in this case?

  • 3ATS
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    I’ve been getting multiple commercial use violation notices from TeamViewer. I am have been helping my cousin who is developmentally disabled out of state and my mother who is 80+ years old. I do not use it very often. Normally they respond and reset my use. The 8th of November beginning of December as my disabled cousin went on to hospice, I got another commercial violation and want me to help my mother. We are now the middle end of January and I have not heard anything back from team viewer. Does anyone have any recommendations of other programs that do not cost $600 a year to be able to help one person is 80+ years old. I keep getting emails about the Service that I can not use. If they will not reconnect , is it possible to stop getting these emails. The bottom says you can’t unsubscribe.

  • AlexRecl
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    I think they don't care about free license users.

  • SoCalStephen
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    WHY won't TeamViewer provide an answer to this????

  • Strangetrip
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    What is the recourse for private non profit users getting flagged as commercial users?

  • Grandview
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    I have a family farm. Soon after I signed up with Teamviewer I called them to see if I needed to buy a commercial license. They told me I didn't. Now I always receive a message saying that commercial use is detected and then it just kicks me out. It is of no use to me now. How can this be changed?

  • JosephEsler
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    The same thing is happening to me. I am a student. Please fix.

  • SJSchmidt
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    My wife and I are volunteer archivists at a small, all volunteer museum, which is closed due to COVID. We have been using Teamviewer to work on cataloging our collection from home. Last year we got flagged as commercial users. I wrote a protest and my wife got reinstated, but my account never did. I can log in and connect for about two minutes before I get kicked out.

    I have tried emailing the company repeatedly over the past few months, but have never gotten a response. What can I do to get access again?

  • dondd
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    A few months ago, trying to assist my brother, I tried connecting to his PC but got the msg that your system thinks I made too many remote connections and blocked my connection. I'm not sure how that is possible, as I'm not on Team Viewer for months at a time, but when I have a friend or relative with a problem, I may connect 2 or 3 times to resolve their issue.

    Today I got an email from Team Viewer indicating that their legal stuff has been updated. In the process of signing in, I got an alert that the system doesn't recognize this device. Strange, as this device is my main computer and I use it 99% of the time. So they sent a confirmation link to "trust" this device. And is how I'm able to ask this question. The only possible reason I may be blocked is that occasionally I use my VPN, and they got an IP that maybe has been used by someone with Team Viewer. Otherwise, I use this very little, and only connect to about 10 friends and relatives sparsely.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! And if possible, remove the block.

    Thanks, dondd

  • User2358945321
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    Is there any resolution for not being able to get connected? This started before Christmas and I keep getting a time out then unable to reconnect for a time period.

    I only use it with my parents and it worked for years until recently.

    I have tried to contact Team viewer for help but never received a response.


  • Oliver_Fuzznutts

    I have the same issue, started about the same time, have had the same results. I use it to help my brother with his "techno-phobia" Have been a user for years without issue.... but now they seem to think I am a commercial user. That is NOT the case. It is a shame... This really helped me keep my elderly brother in the 21st century.

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    Why do I keep getting kicked off when I sign on less than a minute seconds it shuts me down

  • Pigeon1414
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    For the last few months I can only remote to my computers for about 30seconds before it kicks me out!

  • Slingshot41
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    For the last few months I can only remote to my computers for about 30seconds before it kicks me out!

  • JZDeath
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    I applied for and received a reset just a few weeks ago and already it is locked again. I have 3 personal PCs I occasionally connect to. All 3 are personal: 2 family members and one friend. My only purpose is to help them (all older people) with their computer problems. It is VERY frustrating to be locked out right when I am trying to help them. Can you please fix your algorithm or whatever it is that incorrectly tags me as commercial?

  • User2358945321
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    Have you figured out how to resolve it? Or had any feedback from Team Viewer?

  • dbassman
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    I've been having the same issue for some time, along with a couple friends. After not hearing back from TeamViewer I basically gave up and switched to ** Third Party Product **. Just like any other program and has pros and cons to TeamViewer, but seems to work fine and is also free for personal use!

  • Jon_P
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    I use Teamviewer to remotely help my parents with their computers. I have never had a problem logging in until today. I connected and immediately was kicked out with a message of:

    Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try again later or upgrade your license.

    Connections to this partner will be blocked until xx:xx

    Can someone point me in the right direction to alleviate this issue?

    Thank you

  • Spaceshuttle
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    I'm trying to find out what this change of the rules are to affect private users I use team viewer to help friends can anyone give me any help as far as deciding if team viewer is going to be free for a while for private use and how many times can you connect to the same person with this version Michelle