Updated EULA


Just got a mail with a updated EULA notification.

I looked up the EULA, but I cannot seem to find updated sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1?




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    They're in there -- both are titled "Changes to the EULA" if you want to search the page. It outlines TeamViewer's right to update the EULA and how they will communicate that to users. I don't think that's what was changed -- the email just referred to them as an explanation for why the email was being sent.

    Also, it's kind of suspicious to update a complex multi-hundred page EULA without clarifying anywhere what exactly was changed, or to offer older versions so we can compare and see what's different ourselves.

  • You sent me a message about some changes. What exactly are they and what should I do if I accept them?

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    I just got an email notifying that TeamViewer products EULA changes in 4 weeks, unless I use my right to object those changes within 2 weeks. Sections of EULA that are told to be changed in e-mail are absent in EULA itself. As I could not find what exactly is being changed, I want to use my right to object those changes. How can I do that?

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    Can we have more clarification on the latest EULA update? https://www.teamviewer.com/en/eula

    "The updated TeamViewer EULA will enter into effect pursuant to sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1 of the EULA four weeks after receipt of this communication, unless you exercise your right to object within 15 days."

    First of all, there's no A.I. or B.I, it's just A.10 and there's no B11 either.

    Could you guys send out a new email condensing just the changes?

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    I used TeamViewer ONCE, 3-4 years ago. I no longer have that computer nor will I ever use it again, yet I can not find any **bleep** way to delete my account. The contact feature only links to the community forum.

    HELP! Just remove my **bleep** account, I NEVER want to be contacted by Team Viewer again!!!!

  • Hi. I also don't know what these changes means for me as a user of the free version.

    Do they wanna start charging us free users?

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    When you say "They're in there", what is the URL of the EULA you're looking at? The one linked from the email definitely does NOT have any A.I or B.I sections; the only occurrence of "Changes to the EULA" is A.6.☹️

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    I have received a message on EULA updates. It says, among other:

    "We have updated our End-User License Agreement (EULA). The updated TeamViewer EULA enters into effect pursuant to sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1 of the old EULA / section A.6 new EULA."

    Question: where can I read old EULA, to see what was in sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1 ?

  • I have exactly the same question

  • Steve-in-FL
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    The main change I can see for users of the free version is:

    2.6. Product Specification in case of Free VersionA key element of and part of the Product Specification for the Free Version is the display and receipt of personalized marketing messages in the Software as well as the processing of personal data necessary to provide such personalization. In this context, the Free Version also requires cookies, including in certain cases third-party cookies, to be placed on a Customer’s devices, which enables TeamViewer and third-party recipients to analyze the Customer’s product usage as well as online usage behavior. Detailed information on the purposes and exact implementation of personalization processes are described in TeamViewer’s Privacy and Cookie Policies.

    It looks like they want to collect info about your sessions and put advertising on the screens for you to see.

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    The present EULA mentions an option to register one's disagreement with any change, which if done, keeps you on the old terms. However, it of course doesn't tell you how to register such disagreement.

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    Make sure you're in the first tab on that page. Here's the text:

    10.Final provisions

    10.1.Changes to the EULA.

    TeamViewer shall be entitled to amend this EULA upon no less than four (4) weeks prior notice to Customer. Unless Customer notifies TeamViewer in writing of its objection to such amendment within fifteen (15) days of its receipt of notice of such amendment from TeamViewer then the amendment shall be deemed accepted by Customer. If, on the other hand, Customer notifies TeamViewer in writing of its objection to such amendment within fifteen (15) days of its receipt of notice of such amendment from TeamViewer then the Contract shall be continued under the existing terms without giving effect to such amendment.

    (The other 11.1 section has identical text.)

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    1. That is NOT from the EULA linked from the email, which is at https://www.teamviewer.com/en/eula/
    2. The email referred to "A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1". Those are not found in any EULA.
    3. The above does not give the email address to which the written objection is to be sent.
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    I agree with Ross - the URL posted by J117 is the same as the one in the email (https://www.teamviewer.com/en/eula/). It has no paragraphs A.I.10.1 or B.I.11.1. There is no section A.1 or B.1. It might make the changes in the EULA un-enforceable, as the information provided by TeamVIewer in both the email and in this forum is not correct. In the vain hope that someone in support will look at the page, I've attached an image of the page returned from the above URL.

  • I received a notice about change to the EULA, I do not wish to accept this.

    The mail says that I need to contact support.teamviewer.com but that just sends me to the community.

    I hate this company. They accused my 90 year old father of using his computer for commercial activities. They never responded to my completion of their forms including that he was not. So he was isolated and there was no way to access his computer to install alternate software. When he got into trouble no one could visit him and he was left with no email until he died.

    Now you have the nerve to change the EULA without telling me what changed!

    I do not accept the EULA change. I am sending this notice by following the site information you provided: support.teamviewer.com which refuses to respond other than sending me to this forum.

    Also, you forced me to accept cookies just to get to this point and then you forced me to accept them again to send this notice.. I do not wish you to put cookies on my machine. I never did but you forced me to accept them in order to reject your EULA.

    I expect an acknowledgement that I do not accept the new EULA and I do not accept that you leave cookies on my computer.

  • I very much agree with what has been said here and I HIGLY object to any changes when it's not made REALLY clear what these changes are.

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    Yes Teamviewer team, please clarify.

    Please send just the differences.

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    From the EULAs we have found, it would appear that we can object to any changes, and thus remain on the unchanged terms - but they don't say where these "in writing" emails are to go to. I suggest [email protected], [email protected], and the individuals on https://ir.teamviewer.com/websites/teamviewer/English/80/contact-_-services.html; I suggest using Bcc also.

  • I just received notification that basically said, "We changed some things in the EULA. Do you agree to them?" Is there a summary of the proposed changes? Or is it a case of "Go find them. Good luck." Hint -- A summary of proposed changes is a very helpful thing to do for your customers.

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    I am particularly interested din the changes to the Remote Management module. I support several older family members using this method in various states and it would be impossible for me to continue to help them without this method. Most of them have been forced to go online for basic functions like paying utilities and accessing banks and need help and support often just to get information that those of us that grew up with computers take for granted.


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    100% this.

    You have to clarify the sections and provide a changelog. Otherwise, Privacy Authorities will be informed.

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    I've received an email that TeamViewer has updated its end user license agreement (EULA). It states "The updated TeamViewer EULA will enter into effect pursuant to sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1 of the EULA four weeks after receipt of this communication, unless you exercise your right to object within 15 days".

    Going through the EULA the sections referred to do not exist. Can someone explain what is meant here?

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    I agree with all the above comments.

    Our company owns a license 1x TeamViewer 10 Business

    09-32104-702391-3xxxxx. (for obvious reasons, I will provide the last 5 digits of the license only upon a formal request by TeamViewer)

    If anything in the EULA has changed which might in any way impact on the validity of such license, all such changes are completely rejected by us.

    Being impossible to submit anywhere else such statement, the above stands as a formal rejection. Email received on 24-JAN-2021, rejection officially posted here on 25-JAN-2021. Well within the 15 days made available.

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    Hello dear customers,

    Thank you for all your questions.

    As you could see from the message, it is our duty to inform all potential users about changes to the EULA. This is conditioned by the GDPR.

    Most of the changes are only editorial, so we have adjusted the EULA to our new products like Co-Browsing or Frontline. The sentence "The updated TeamViewer EULA shall become effective four weeks after this notice pursuant to sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1 of the EULA, unless you exercise your right to object within 15 days." refers to the fact that the aforementioned sections state that we may amend the EULA accordingly - this point can now be found under section A.6 amendments to the EULA.

    We hope this could help you to understand these recent EULA changes.

    All the best,


    Community Manager

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    Hi @JeanK, thanks for your post. You say "it is our duty to inform all potential users about changes to the EULA". But it isn't enough just to vaguely say "there are some changes". In order to make an informed decision, we - your customers - need to know what the changes ARE.

    Can you please provide a list of what exactly has changed?

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    It looks like they intend to put adverts in for users of the free version, which will worry the 82-year-old lady I help out. But even if that's what they want to do (which seems reasonable on the face of it), the underhand way they've tried to tell us is pretty despicable - incompetent, really: they told us the changes were in clauses X and Y of the EULA, in the same email giving us a link to a EULA which doesn't contain those clauses.

    It does contain a clause saying a user can object, and thus stay on the old terms; it doesn't say where to send the objection, so I've sent mine to every address I could find on the website :-)

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    Has anyone found out what the process is to exercise your right to object within 15 days, to the new EULA? I received this in an e-mail 2 days ago after TeamViewer failing in December.

  • JeanK
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    Hello again,

    Here is a summary of the changes that have been done in a more "straight forward" way to make this all more transparent and understandable for everyone:

    • We conducted a structural overhaul of our EULA to bring it up to date with our diversifying products, their features and our services. In this context, we decided to adopt a modular EULA design, making it easier to understand.
    • TeamViewer offers additional products, including Frontline and Co-Browsing, which are offered under the same general term framework as the current products.
    • With the significant increase in its product portfolio, TeamViewer no longer only offers services (licenses) but also provides hardware (Smart Glasses).
    • Other than the inclusion of the new products, many changes are limited to the aforementioned restructuring into a modular design.

    Hope this could cover your questions.

    Community Manager

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    “The updated TeamViewer EULA will enter into effect pursuant to sections A.I.10.1 and B.I.11.1 of the EULA four weeks after receipt of this communication, unless you exercise your right to object within 15 days. “

    I am a personal user of Teamviewer and I wonder why I received this email and I don't use TeamViewer very much, so I don't think I will use it if I have to pay for it. Please teach me the way.