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  • B3art
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    I have a FREE TeamViewer version, but today I joined a single member family as I was away and wanted remote help.

    After connecting in a few seconds, I was "fired" that I use the TV for commercial purposes, even if I only use it for private purposes.

    Reinstalling the program did not help.

    So please help.

  • dhsebastian
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    My experience matches ezpzsolutions post above. The block applied to a specific machine ( a single Teamviewer ID) and not to any of the other machines on which I had an account - all of my remote accounts are under my username to simplify my life dealing with managing relatives' machines. My request for reset took a few days to process, and when I got the email message that my account was now reauthorized, it didn't work . No message flagging commercial use but all connections still timed out in a minute. I used the alternate machine workaround to set up a different free remote desktop product that does everything I need to help my family, but after about a week, the TV connection suddenly started working again. So it is all a mystery, but taught me that I need a plan B for access because this has happened twice before and likely to happen again. It would be nice if TV could share some info here so we understand what has triggered this latest flurry of blockages.

  • FamilyinPA
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    I've been using TeamViewer all through the pandemic to help my parents. The ONLY reason I use TeamView is to support my family, for which I receive zero compensation..and now I'm deemed a "Commercial user"??

    Trying to assist very worried parents today, who fear I won't be able to fix the issues they're having with their computer. TeamViewer now tells me we have to wait 2 business days before the account will be reset. This delay is too long and totally defeats the purpose of the software: to help family remotely.

    Is there any way to speed up the process of having my account restored?

    I already filled out the PDF, sent it back, and am now just waiting....for TWO DAYS!

    Very disappointed.

  • ezpzsolutions
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    Hello dhsebastian, You mentioned in about a week your TV connection suddenly started working again on your alternate machine or your primary machine?

  • cchervit
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    I, too, have been unable to use TeamViewer to connect to my parent's and brother's computers ever since their machines updated to the new Windows 21H1 release. It lets me on for about 30 seconds, then times out and gives me an error. It seems, although I am using within the boundaries of a free consumer license (just to help my parents and my brother out with technical issues on their home computers -- none of them are technically competent), TeamViewer is incorrectly stating that this needs to be a paid account.

  • Reitan
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    account problem. the program thinks that I am using the commercial version. but I use it for personal purposes. Help

  • dhsebastian
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    My primary machine - it was the only one that didn't work as the source connection.

  • LagunaJim
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    Hello. I'm using Teamviewer Free to remote-support my 92 year old mother's laptop.

    Lately when connecting after about one minute I get disconnected with

    Then when I try to reconnect I get

    I've submitted the "Non-Commercial Use" letter at least twice.

    I also clean-installed Teamviewer again.

    Any ideas? Support is not reachable on the free subscription - which is itself a real problem.


  • eschuebel
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    I am now getting this message as well with my free account.

    I have been a loyal user of this product for 20 years, helping manage my families computers.

    What is going on?

    Thanks for you help.

    CMACK Posts: 1 Newbie

    Same issue here! I help Friends and family, but my parents are always in need! This really blind sided me without any warning in the middle of a crisis! I am going to just struggle through using Remote Desk Top. I will probably just uninstall this program! I am beyond disappointed!


  • dtunahanbilgin
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    Hi, I'm Tunahan. I'm starting teamviewer to control my personal pc's at my home. Yet, sometimes an error is occuring and says like that; commercial use detected. As i sad before, i'm just using the teamviewer for my personal use.

    Could you please help me about this problem? Best regards.

  • PaulMr
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    edited June 2021

    We saw the posting about Depreciation of legacy versions and are trying to determine when our complimentary upgrade to version 15 will expire, based on our original corporate license purchase.

    Just trying to determine who or how we contact Teamviewer to ask that question. Appreciate any help provided.

    [Removed as per the community guidelines.]

  • masipe2
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    I am having the same issue. I regularly log into my mom's computer to help her and TeamViewer is now locking me out. For some reason TeamViewer is thinking the account is being used as a commercial account, but it is not. What can I do to resolve this?

  • Andrew_Hudson0409
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    I have the same issue also, It's trying to tell me I'm using it for commercial use when I'm only trying to use it to help my partner set up her computer properly.

  • User312463753
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    It's very frustrating to be able to connect to my laptop remotely and then get kicked off with the "your session has ended" message after only thirty seconds. It is not a once in awhile, sometimes thing, it happens every time I try to sign in. For months now. I am disabled and I live in a long term care facility, so being able to use TeamViewer makes one aspect of my life much better and easier. And I should probably add that I'm using the free version, but I wonder if the facility's public WiFi has anything to do with my problem?

    Thank you for any help.

  • TrevorW
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    This is affecting me as well.

    I mostly use Teamviwer to connect my mac with a big screen to a Windows laptop with Visio installed. My partner subscribes to Visio and sporadically uses it for her work, but I use it only for non-paid, non-commercial uses. The monthly fee for Commercial TeamViewer is way too high for me (and a lot more expensive than buying another subscription to Visio - if it would run on a Mac). I also use it for remote support of two family personal computers, and I would be most disappointed to lose that capability.

  • Bazza
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    I was trying to sort out problems on my wife’s pc when teamviewer dropped me out after 30 seconds. Then a notification came on my screen stating that I was using it for commercial purposes. I can no longer access my wife’s pc! Is anyone else having this problem and is there a fix to this issue??? I eagerly wait for an answer!

  • redavenger
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    ohh man me too..this is pathetic.

    i can't connect to my father pc now.

    anyone from teamviewer care to assist.

  • FuzzmanKs
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    No it does not. Your Teamviewer ID is tied to your hardware equipment. Review this thread for proper procedures for RESET MANAGEMENT.

  • FuzzmanKs
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    Hundreds of times it has been posted. Even a Google search will lead you to answers.

  • redavenger
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    same issue here only started on my laptop when connecting to my parents pc.

    seriously teamviewer get your act together please.

  • JanOIndiana
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    I have a free account so that I can remote into my elderly mothers computer to help her with computer issues. Team viewer keeps logging me out and then locking me out so that I cannot reconnect for hours. I have uninstalled the ap and reinstalled it, but get the same results. Any ideas?

  • FuzzmanKs
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    My impression from what I read on here, is that they must be way behind in the Resets. Mine (submitted 4/27/2021) took less than 2 business days, but I may have been before hundreds/thousands of others.

  • FuzzmanKs
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    Scroll back and week or so and you should have your answer.

  • JanOIndiana
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    I am having the same problem as everyone else apparently. The generate PDF button does not work. I can't reset my account for PERSONAL USE!! Please help

  • tomsvl
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    Had not used TV for several months. Now getting timed out with commercial use message.

    Trying to reset back and


    just as everyone else has said.

    Like others I use this to help family members with their computers.

    A simple check of logs will show how much we use. I'm sure you cut off everyone.

    Thanks for a solution

  • kingzhou
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    Just today, I ran into the same problem. I automatically disconnected one minute after connecting to the remote computer, prompting me that the connection was blocked by a timeout. It has never happened before. I use the free version, not for commercial use, only to connect to a home laptop to write records and documents

  • aobama
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    • The form has been submitted for almost 3 weeks with no response🙃
  • aobama
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    The business identification declaration form has been submitted for nearly 3 weeks without a response. Did you forget