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    I don't seem to be able to easily find a solution - so I'm going to post this everywhere I can and see if I can get TeamViewer help and/or post other software solutions we can use in a personal application.

    It is crazy that the timeout keeps coming up for no reason. I am not a commercial business, but something in their software is triggering the event and making a timeout in just a minute or two.

    Here is what I have learned so far:

    Solution #1 - Remove the app from all of your computers, and every hint of its existence, and reinstall. Uninstall the app. Then you have to search your hard drive (with hidden files showing) for every reference to TEAMVIEWER. Delete them all, files an folders. Then you also need to go into the command prompt and type REGEDIT. These are important windows values - be careful. Click on the very top line COMPUTER and then Edit>>Find or Control+F. Type in TEAMVIEWER and search. If it is in the left screen - delete it there. If it is in the right screen delete it there. Deleted everything you can. Search again and make sure all is gone. Then when there is nothing left you can delete, close the REGEDIT and reboot your computer. Then download and install again, selecting the free version. This all takes about 20 minutes. I did this on two computers and it solved the problem! ISSUE #1, I then installed the app on my iPhone and connected remote to one of the two computers. BAM! Timeout issue reappeared!!! Now I have to do everything again and not use the iPhone app.

    Updates to come.

  • I'm having the same issue. Never had this happen before. I'm considering other programs. There seem to be good alternatives out there.

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    For quite a while, I have not been able to help my friends because teamviewer times out after I am connected for about 30 seconds. What would cause this problem and how do I fix it?

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    I am not getting a message about commercial use suspected, just a message that my connection has timed out.

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    TV on one PC connects correctly. TV on 2nd PC drops connection within a minute (Session timeout). Both PCs have same settings for TV. Does anyone know why second PC has TV Session timeout error?

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    TV on one PC connects correctly. TV on 2nd PC drops connection within a minute (Session timeout). Both PCs have same settings for TV. Does anyone know why second PC has TV Session timeout error?

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    I'm only on for 30 sec and get kicked saying session timer limit exceeded

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    Same here. I reported it in another post and got an email with a link to a 'reset', and was told to fill out a form, but there is no form to fill out at the link

    CHAT gives four options that do NOT include addressing my time out problem.

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    Hi all,

    Can someone help to advise why my account has been restricted? I am just helping my sister-in-law and its frustrating that this has happened. How do I reset this?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Follow the directions exactly. No spaces between TV ID numbers, just use comma. No spaces in (non-usa) zip codes. Try that to see if it helps. Share your results here with others if it works.

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    Sounds like you are using TV commercially. That is not for personal/private use. Unless you know of some education exemption. Read the first message in this thread along with the blog mentioned in the message.

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    Good luck with that long procedure. I don't think it will work in the long run. Fill out the RESET MANAGEMENT form mentioned in the first message.

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    @FuzzmanKs it seems that you and I seem to be doing the heavy lifting for teamviewer in constantly pointing users to the need to go through the reset management process. 😃

    It would be so much easier if Teamviewer gave proper notice and a link to the reset process before they deem users to be commercial users.

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    Hi. I have logged four tickets for removing the commercial use flag, sending in all the correct teamviewer ID's etc. Each time I receive an email back from support stating that the flag has been removed... Yet I am still being flagged for commercial usage. Please help!

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    I use this to connect to computers at home. Not for work. Im away from home with no access to printer or scanner to fill out the reset form. But need to access computer at home for more then 15 sec. How can i fix this?

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    Where is Esther?

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    Why am I getting time restricted on my personal use Free license, from home?

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    Teamviewer have tightened up their process of identifying commercial users using the free service. This has resulted in many false positives. Send in a reset request (see first post of this thread).

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    Hi, I use TeamViewer only at home, not for commercial purposes. I never receive money for my studies.

    I already sent 2 messages that I can't find and I received no response.

    I hope that it'll possible to reactivate my free licence that I use for connecting my home computers.

    Thank you.

    Erminio Giuseppe Carlo MOSTACCI

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    Hi again.

    I like so much TeamViewer that I wish to propose my idea.

    Maybe it can be useful in some way. Why don't proceed with a contract's form for STUDY and Research of Operative systems, etc at a discounted price? I can think at a form of 50-75% of discount in this case.

    I would agree with a reduced payment, because for personal NO-MONEY use, the full contract is too much expensive.

    I hope this idea may be considered.

    Please, give me an answer also negative.

    Thank You for all.

    Erminio Giuseppe Carlo MOSTACCI

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    I don't work for Teamviewer. I'm just a personal user like most people here.

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    I have a free license for personal use. Both computers are set exactly the same. I only get one-way street connection (desktop to laptop), it does not connect the other way. Any ideas, tips, please.

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm a Personal (free) and Professional (payed) TeamViewer user. (and don't have TeamViewer shares 😉)

    As many have experienced, my Private account has also been blocked, .... only once and already some time ago.

    The reason for the blockage is that TeamViewer does not use your account information to check the commercial use policy, but the "Partner ID / Your ID". This is actually a " Machine ID", with no relationship to your TeamViewer account. This " Machine ID" is the same for every Windows user on a certain machine (PC).

    If the "Machine ID" has been identified as "Commercially used", your free account fill be flagged. I don't know how TeamViewer executes its "Non commercial use" policy, but I don't think you get flagged on the first occasion.

    What can you do to prevent from being flagged:

    1) Don't mix Personal (free) and Professional (payed) use on one machine (PC). Even if you have separate TeamViewer accounts.

    2) Use you private PC only for your Private free TeamViewer account for helping you friends and family.

    3) Use a separate (home) PC for connecting to your PC at work or other commercially used PC's and server (always commercial). And use your Professional account.

    If you stick to these rules, I think you will stay out of trouble..

    For the experts: If you want to use both account types on one PC, you can consider setting up a Virtual Machine on your PC and use the Virtual PC for one of the accounts and keep everything nicely separated.

    And in the event you get blocked, contact TeamViewer support. They are there to help you!


    PS: Of course, it would be nice if TeamViewer used a better algorithm for detecting commercial use and a more customer friendly mechanism to point out that a certain connection cannot be made, because of the "Non commercial use" policy.

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    That work network (commercial) is most likely what is triggering TV's system to think you are operating commercially. Even if you convince TV to reset your personal TV account, their notice to you (in the approved Reset Management) says suspicious activity in the future could trigger a block on your account again. Besides, your work should not allow you to be connecting to personal devices. That is poor security system management. But that is between you and them. If you really must connect to your home system from your work location, you might have to use a smartphone or tablet that is NOT connected to work WiFi in order to connect to your home device.

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    Who the heck is Esther? I've seen the name mentioned a few times. I assume it is a TV employee that offers support in other threads? I've been following this thread for weeks now and don't recall any TV support people. Occasionally a post (or quoted post) from a moderator.

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    This would not be the proper thread to put your suggestions. This thread is (apparently) community-user-based support only. No TV employees here. I'm sure there is others parts of this forum that is for suggestions.

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    I have one PC that has apparently been flagged in error for commercial use. I've requested and been granted a reset three times but still get kicked off a minute or two after connecting. I tried calling for support but was sent to this community for answers.

    What do I need to do to get a home PC cleared to use after numerous resets fail? Can I change the Teaviewer ID for this machine and start over? If so, how? Should I continue asking for a reset until one sticks?

    If this has happened to anyone else and there's a solution out there please help me find it.


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    When connecting from Win10 to Arch Linux on a RPI3.