Blurred Screen Until Resize

Hi. Anytime I connect to a remote system, whether headless or not, TV opens with a slightly blurred image. I need to resize it slightly bigger before it sharpens up. Image attached. Is anyone else seeing this? Top is before resize, bottom is after. I've tried this on 100s of different systems, several previous versions of TV from 13, many updates and still the same thing. Surely someone else sees this too? Thanks.



  • Justin
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    Hello @Dunder24,

    I do see that!

    You might want to check your screen resolution or try to choose one of the options in the toolbar regarding the quality.

    Try different options to see if that fixes it.

    Let me know.



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  • Dunder24
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    Thanks Justin. I've tried all options but none work. This is quite reproducible:

    • Open a connection to a device that has a lower resolution than your own monitor.
    • Set View settings to Original 1:1. Resize the vertical only (does not happen with horizontal resize) and notice as you cross the point where the TV window size is the same as the remote desktop size, the text blurs. It's just for a pixel or 2 but it happens.

    The issue is that every time I open a new connection, the vertical height seems to be right on this exact size and causes the blur. Every time then I need to slightly resize and it's sharp.

    Can you reproduce this and do any settings you choose prevent it from happening on connection start?

  • ZGralewski
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    Same. Every PC i connect to is blurred. Have to resize 1-2 pixels above detected resolution until free empty gray border appears and then image sharpens itself. My res is 3440x1440 px. It is so annoying and troubles me for months. See attached screenshot.

  • Dunder24
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    I'm so glad someone else can see this and I'm not going mad. It's really interesting how this has been the case since V13 of TV and maybe before but that's when I noticed it.

    Hopefully a TV update will fix this.

  • LBR
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    This is still happening for me in 2022. If I resize the window the resolution becomes clear.

  • ZGralewski
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    For me still, too.

  • Dunder24
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    And still for me in the latest TV. It's really strange how no TV staff have noticed this or if they have, have not acknowledged the issue.

  • ZGralewski
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    Teamviewer, please do something about it.😅