Is it possible to license TeamViewer host?

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We subscribe to a corporate license (5 users). We have deployed about 40 TeamViewer hosts on our equipments in order to be assisted by our suppliers.

All is going well except that one of these suppliers doesn't have any license. The solution would be to use one of our license and install it on our side. But I don't how to assign this license to the corresponding TeamViewer host, and I'm even not sure if it's possible. Can you please help?


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    Hi @Stephana,

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    TeamViewer license is account-based, and all licensed users must have a licensed TeamViewer account.

    Since you mentioned you have a corporate license, you can simply create a licensed account for your supplier in your company profile and give the licensed account to the supplier.

    This method consumes your license, therefore, please be aware of that.

    Regarding how to add new users, feel free to check our knowledge article below.

    👉Get started guide - Premium/Corporate license

    Hope this would be helpful.

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    Hi Akiho

    Thank you very much for this very fast answer, much appreciated.

    This is indeed a possible solution. But my IT dept struggles to give a license to an external company. Another solution would be to give this licensed account to the supplier just before the access, but it could be an issue if an emergency access is needed (especially on Saturday night at 4am :-) ).

    There is possibly another solution:

    As far I see, the license can be on any side of the access: either on the PC that makes the remote access (supplier), or on the accessed PC (us). My idea is: instead of granting a license to our supplier, we could keep the license on our side. But I don't think it is possible with TeamViewer Host. We need the full TeamViewer version for that. Can you confirm?

    Your support is much appreciated, thank you.

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