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The network folder is unavailable, Error 1231

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I can access the local network from my computer and it works without any problems, however, when I try to open a network environment to transfer a file from a shared folder on some computer, I get a 1231 "Network folder not available" error. I get the same error when I enter the computer name or IP address in the address bar on the left pane.

It used to work fine. What am I doing wrong? TeamViewer latest version 15.15.5, Windows 10 Prof, the local network is the simplest, organized by an unmanaged switch and router, distributing addresses via DHCP. I have administrator rights on the computer and network.



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    Thank you all for ignoring the question. I figured it out on my own. This problem occurs as a result of removing (including automatically) from Windows "outdated and insecure" SMB 1.0 protocol. Apart from the fact that without it, TeamViewer loses the ability to transfer files located in network folders to other computers, it also causes network problems when neighboring computers cannot see each other in the network. To get around this TeamViewer "peculiarity" (or bug?) , you need to enable the protocols as shown in the screenshot.

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