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Hi at all i sorry for my english . I install team Viewer (TW) on my notebook windows 11 an on my macbook pro with catalina i have TW on my android phone .. i have an account free and i use free account .

when i try to connect from mac os to windows it's ok, when i try to connect to my mac with my phone (android) it's ok, but when i try to connect from windows PC to Mac book i have request to confirm connection i'm insert permission , i insert password account i insert password local i don't resolve this problem can you help me please ? i have avery time request to allow connection from Win 11 to mac Os Catalina . ( i read Catalina restriction about conection) i don't resolve , have you an idea who are the problem ?

thank you for your time


  • Esther
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    Hi @Allarmerosso

    Thanks for reaching out and no worries: Your English is great 👍

    I think you are facing some security settings on your Mac: Recent macOS versions require your permission for apps to provide remote control functionality (e.g. screen recording or mouse and keyboard control).

    We wrote an article that helps you to make the correct setup on your Mac here: Remote control a Mac - TeamViewer Support

    Hope that info helps and have a lovely day,


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  • Allarmerosso
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    thank you for your reply. i have forgot to say something , i connect via LAN

  • Esther
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    Hi again,

    Ok - I see. I have another idea of what can cause this: Can you enter the TeamViewer Options on your Windows device --> Advanced and scroll to Advanced settings for connections to other computers and check the setting for Access Control?

    What is the setting there?

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