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    I stopped using team viewer because it was always telling me I had violated the free version and was using it for commercial use. I have only used it to communicate with my wife's laptop while she has been bedridden with a lung problem. It used to not do this but then it started telling me I was using it for commercial use and that was not true. I did everything support told me to and it would work for a while and then back to knocking me off.

    Has anything changed? These are two laptops in the same house!!

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    I had submitted a request to remove the commercial account restriction, as I only use for personal use. I forgot to add the device ID for my mobile as I couldn't find it at the time (for anyone else it's hidden at the bottom of the settings menu unlike the desktop version).

    Now I have submitted a form under my login, I cannot submit another as the page just says I can download the submitted form.

    How can I add another device ID to my request? The request has been lifted for the desktop and laptop, so thank you for that.

    Similar feedback - I wouldn't actually mind paying a small license fee for heavy personal use, say £10 a month, as it use it daily between desktop, laptop and mobile device, so would pay for convenience.

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    hi, im using teamviewer for my personal computers but when i try to log in it says something about this being used for commercial reasons while i only use it to connect to my personal computers

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    I use TeamViewer free to control my dads tablet for him. He is paralysed from the neck down and in hospital at the moment so I use TeamViewer to put music on for him and put him into his religious zoom meetings.

    I keep getting a message up today warning me that TeamViewer is only free for personal use. Now I have already had it once that my account has been locked due to suspected business use and it took me a week to get it back again, in which time I was obviously unable to get my dad into his religious meetings. Please can you make sure this doesn’t happen again as it is imperative I can control his tablet for him.

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    As per title. Seems to have just happened today and teamviewer thinks one of the computers in my room at home is now a commercial computer and shuts down the connection. Wondered if anyone has experienced similar today or could help?

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    Teamviewer thinks I'm using my free account commercially, who can i speak with to clarify this situation as I have only been using it for my personal computers.

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    Not connect home


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    Dear Respected Support Team.

    Good morning. I hope you are fine and happy as well as healthy.

    I would like to request you as you might have noticed that my ID has been blocked for the connection. This might be probably because of the reason that I accessed with my two operating systems within short period of time.

    I request you please grant me the access and allow me the access to the machine with non-commercial user license. I am a research scientist and using it as complete private use.

    I have submitted the online renewal application last week. I don't know how much time normally it takes for renewal request. If it takes time, just let me know and I will wait for your helping kind support.

    I shall be thankful to you for kindness. I will wait for your kind approval and acceptance of my request. This will ease my work.

    Best greetings and stay healthy.

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    Iuse team viewer on my laptop to access programs on my home computer which do not allow me to access on my laptop whilst I am outside the uk but it has been locked alleging commercial use, but I do not use it commercially (I am almost 80 yrs old!

    I cannot contact team viewer by phone as they do not accept calls from non commercial users.

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    Hello/ I have a free account I use for a few family members. Today I was helping my sister clean her machine and I was thrown offline with a notice that I am locked out.

    account is under [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    I down loaded the free version and now it want me to buy a licence

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    Does anyone other than me, think that the TeamViewer suppliers, are cutting of those on private use, causing them stress, especially when they are trying to voluntarily help family and elderly friends, via remote access (UNPAID-NOT FOR PROFIT OR WAGES, SOLELY PRIVATE USE!!!!) which they state is free. I think that they are doing it deliberately, trying to force people to pay for it, instead of getting it free.

  • Hendos4
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    You must of remote accessed someone's computer and they decided that you must be a business.

  • Researcher
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    Answer ✓

    Thank you so much. The problem has been resolved. I thank to the support team and community. and I am really thankful to the management. They are very helpful and supportive.

  • bigvalbowski
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    How long does the reset take to go through? I requested mine on the 23rd but no change as of yet.

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    In my experience, this issue is still occurring if the monitor on the remote device is powered off. When the monitor is powered on, or if 'Use UDP' is unchecked, Team Viewer works as expected.

    Connecting from Team Viewer 15.27.3 on Mac OS Monterey 12.3 to Team Viewer 15.22.3 on Windows 11 build 22000.493.

    Was also testing from Team Viewer 15.22.3 on Win 10.

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    I have been using teamviewer free license for a couple of years. I link my laptop in Singapore to my 97 year old mum's laptop in Bedford England and keep her windows system running skype to allow people to call her and talk to her. Recently she had (still has) a problem with windows update which meant I was online more than usual trying to fault find and sort the issue. I suddenly hit a limit and my sessions became time limited making fault finding impossible. I wrote a one star review on Trustpilot and within an hour was contacted by a Teamviewer person who told me about reset function on the website. I carried this out and rewrote my 1 star to 5 star because this software really is good for what I need and prior to this has worked faultlessly.

    However I am still stuck on time limited sessions and there are now two issues with her machine that require more input. This just isn't going to happen in the present scenario. How does a person on a free license get to talk to Teamviwer people to try to sort this out?

  • bigvalbowski
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    You might be waiting a while. I've started a ticket and yet have had no reply either there on the forum. Not sure if anyone from Teamviewer actively checks these or what the typical turnaround for a ticket is.

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    So, after about the fourth time of being blocked by Teamviewer, I am now looking for an alternative product that will allow me to connect to my home computer without requiring any interaction.

    I have always enjoyed the ease of Teamviewer, but for some reason it always kicks me out thinking I am using it for corporate connections. I only use it to connect to my home PC so I can grab some files or kick start some process.

    I am looking to see if I can set up a VPN on my router, [removed per Community Guidelines]

    I am getting bored of filling out the 'let me back' form!


  • Bare
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    I get a window that says that it has been blocked because of high activity rate...

    What does this mean?

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    I've been using TeamViewer for years to connect between my personal devices (laptops, phone etc.) and a media server desktop I've got with no monitor connected. TeamViewer is my only way to access this machine without pulling the cupboard apart and connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    I've tried connecting this morning and after 2 sessions were timed out after 3 minutes, it's now flat out refusing to connect and demanding I purchase a commercial licence as it's only free for personal use and high use has been detected.

    How do I fix this? I've never had an issue with this before and in truth, my usage the last 2 months has been significantly lower than it normally is - I usually connect daily, but a few months ago I setup more automation on my media server so haven't had as much need to get onto it. Now that I do... I can't.


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    Have submitted my PCs on free license. I don't use these for commercial. However, I only included 2 out of 3 PCs. When submitting the request next time round it automatically submit old pdf. How I can add new PC to the document?

  • privaternutzer1111
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    Dear TV support.

    I started the using the tool for maintenance of a personal laptop (my mothers, 5.000 km away) and get a "commerical use" suspected because of "commercial logos" ("...kundenspezifischen teamviewer-modulen mit eigenem firmenlogo"). Her laptop had an "ACER" logo as default background, and some apps, like "Telecom.AT", all of which have been removed since then. Would you mind to reset her account to indicate her personal status? - to troubleshoot, I tried to use a link from "Esther" describing the issues on the forum, but this is not available anymore. Happy to provide ID and/or IP addresses for verification. Thank you.

  • MickT
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    I've had something similar.

    I use Teamviewer to support communicaiton with my 89yo Father who lives in aged care interstate. It allows me to remotely run his laptop because frankly, he hasn't got a clue how to do stuff with it (he also has dementia). We have a lot of native birds at my place and I often download photos and videos directly to him via TeamViewer, then we watch them together while I narrate. We do this about once a month.

    Last week I tried loading a collection of some larger video files of the birds and got the message above. I too would like to contest this situation with the TeamViewer folks and will try this by first calling the contact phone number on the web page.

    Hopefully we can resolve this quickly and amicably.



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    Please reply as soon as possible

  • I have been identified as commercial use, which is incorrect as I only connect to 1 pc from time to to time for no financial benefit.

    I completed the reset form yesterday and I have still not been unblocked, any idea how long this process takes?

  • Elliza
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    I also have experienced a change when I try to help my 86 year old mom on her ipad. The connection times out after about 1 minute. Is this an official change to the free version of Team Viewer? If not, what could be causing this problem?

  • tgw2000
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    I have submitted a reset request on April 1st. I understand there would be a backlog, but roughly how long does this process take?