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I believe that I speak for most people when I state that this forum software is noticeably more basic than Discourse's. In fact, if you monitor the engagement metrics at the organizations which provide multiple forum technologies, it's even visible that more flock to their Discourse instances.

I believe that TeamViewer should (ideally) completely transition to Discourse for their forum, or at least provide an instance themselves and advertise it in this forum, to ascertain demand for a superior forum.

Otherwise, people shall surely just move to Reddit. I know that this post would gain more traction there.

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  • AntonDobschensky
    AntonDobschensky Posts: 18 ✭✭

    The forum software itself isn't really the problem. The problem I see is that as a commercial user its frustrating to have to navigate through basic user threads to find something relevant. This isn't to put down the free users or people looking for help with basic issues but when the Deployment and Integration forum is full of "where can i download the free version" threads it becomes frustrating to try to search for something relevant to API, Mass Deployments, or Intune. In addition, the lack of actual TeamViewer staff answers or responses in threads makes me think it is completely community driven which is incredibly discouraging for people trying to troubleshoot features not as often used (API).

    It still feels like TeamViewer is stuck in that middle ground between software to fix grandma's facebook vs enterprise level use and can't decide what it wants to be.

  • rokejulianlockhart
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    edited July 2023

    Better post tagging would probably solve this, right? Any good software, at least by KDE's philosophy, should be able to cater to both use-cases – granny and enterprise – but doing so will require good organization.