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setup permanent password on client withTeamviewer 12

How can I setup a permanent password on the client (partner) with Teamviewer 12?



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  • hey there

    in response to this solution about setting a locked password, you suggested """"Extras > Options > Security > Personal password"""" i can not find the menu path in the extras menu.

    I have found a security tab in the the preferences menu and have set a password but on each luanch of team viewer the ID remains the same but the 4 digit numerical password changes how do I make sure each computer keeps the same loging info.

    I have set up an account, added a computer / device and will add a further 1 or 2.

    will this insure that I dont need to worry about the 4 digit pass word changing ?

  • Raven
    Raven Posts: 23

    The 4-digit password (or however many digits you choose it to be) is just an alternative way of logging in, if you haven't set a password for a specific machine.

    For example, if you remote a PC at work, and you have pre-set the password "password" for it, then you can either remote-in with the password "password", or whatever the changing multi-digit code presented on-screen is.

    Just ... don't use "password" as your password ;) hehe.

    - Raven
  • manxman
    manxman Posts: 1
    Tried that on a pc but didnt work - each launch it still required a unique password.
  • Poobah
    Poobah Posts: 1

    Hi Raven,

    Thank you for posting the steps required to set a permanent password.  I have followed the steps, however:

    1.  The password is not being saved, even though I clicked OK at the bottom of the Security page after changing it.

    2. Only the randomly generated ID works. 

    Does the pw change every time?  I left a session open on a computer I need to access, but I cannot login with current pw.

    Thank you for the assistance.





  • JohnWalker
    JohnWalker Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 27

    Its 2021 it looks like unattended remote access is just not possible with Teamviewer

    I am struggling to get unattended remote access working on :

    • Macbook Air - host
    • macbook Pro - guest


    I see above says :

     "Extras > Options > Security > Personal password". 

    But, there is no such setting in the configurations on a Mac version of Teamviewer.

    Can anyone explain how to set the password or avoid a password for computers that are in the allowed list and wish to gain unattended access.

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