Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Timberrock
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    I use Teamviewer in house and my own remote observatory on same LAN.

  • PeterLesnik
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    Still doesn't work. How hard can it be to fix this.

  • depatrep
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    I'm identified as a commercial user, but that's not right; what should I do to avoid this?

  • RVA
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    I have the same question

  • TerryTeamViewer

    I typically connect to 1 computer remotely, from 2 remote computers. Every now and then, I connect to a couple family members computers to help them with something. For some reason, it is kicking me out, and forcing me to submit a "commercial use detected" ticket. I have received a positive response, that my usage is in-fact for non-business purposes. It is still not working. It either rejects the connection immediately, or after 5 minutes.

    The email sent, says if there are continued problems, I may need to do the reset on the other computers. Which, I have done. I am still getting the same symptoms.

    Technical support is nonexistent. So I do not know how to proceed. Perhaps I need to seek out another solution.

    Thank you

  • jla930
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    I have been using a free version of TeamViewer on my Windows PC and on my Mac. I have been connecting to the Mac from the PC for months now with no issues. But today, when I connected to the Mac, I was disconnected automatically after being on for a minute or two. Then I saw there was a message on the Windows PC that said, “Unfortunately, we will have to limit your usage of TeamViewer because the usage pattern suggests that you have been supporting others professionally.” Then there is a button to click for getting a paid subscription. This all makes no sense to me. Is anyone familiar with this?

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    Yes, I'm getting it also. I use TeamViewer to connect from my laptop in the family room to my desktop in my home office. Both have static IP addresses so the claim that I'm supporting others is unfounded.

    A few months ago I was blocked and there was a form I could complete to verify that I was using the software for personal use. I'll look for that.

  • JLVasser
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    Answer ✓

    Here is the link to request a reset to free version:

  • jla930
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    Thank you so much. I’ll give it a try. What’s weird is, I have the TeamViewer app on my iPad, and when I’m connecting to my Mac from the iPad using the same account I’m using on the Windows PC, I’m not getting any limitations. Could that be it? Because I’m using two different devices to connect to the same device?

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    Every time Teamviewer does an update or something nefarious on their backend (probably stealing user's data to sell) or something these pop-ups appear. Even though I've submitted several times and filled out the reset form I still get these pop-ups. Now if you go to the reset website to re-fill out the form you can't even fill out the forms because it has your previous information stored in the form (which btw is a security and privacy issue should your accounts get hacked).

    I've been using Teamviewer for several years and using the same devices for personal use. It hasn't been always like this but it's becoming increasingly worse as time progresses.

  • u324jsd
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    I'm back again. This time with a note saying that my license may be incorrect. I'm a free user and have been for years. Then I try to connect to my single device and I get an error saying Connected restricted and that I have to wait.

    How to open a case to get this resolved?I'm a home user. Is it time to start looking at alternation solutions. Frustrating.

  • Octopuss
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    They don't care.

    Does anyone know about a replacement program for this? Just like it was with **Third Party Product** back then.

  • inflightt
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    My Teamview keeps closing the session even though i've only been logged into the remote pc for less than 4 minutes. The remote pc is on the same network in my home. This just started happening two days ago. I have the free Teamviewer account.

  • Danjhb
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    I keep getting access to a copy of a pdf I did previously when blocked in the past.

    How do I resubmit my request?

  • ejdr
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    I have a free license on 2 computers. I use teamviewer for the control of my dekstop with a laptop. On starting remote control I get the message "there seemes to be a problem with your license" and after a couple of minutes the connection is closed and blocked for a couple of minutes. What can be the problem and solution?

  • dondomel
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    I'm using TV to help my familly. Was not using this for 20 days. Today I wanted to help my father and saw this error:


    Who can help me with this from support?


  • WildcatRay
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    They are falsely accusing me a of being a commercial user I suspect because of my 4 computers, 2 are Windows and 2 are Linux Mint. One other possibility is I use VPNs on the 2 Windows computers. All they will say is that my usage patterns suggest this.

    I have tried using the feedback link with no response from anyone. I come the the site and there is only support and community forums which, to me, are unacceptable for telling them to stop with their false accusations and limiting my use of TeamViewer.


  • Kasper007
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    i cant refill the reset form.

    any help from support ?

  • Jorgisimo
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    I am having the same issue. I connect to basically one other machine on my network at home thats in another room. It now says it detected commercial use and won't stay connected. These are all my machines in my house and not part of any business.

  • Walinn99
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    Just recently every time I try to launch a session from my phone to my personal computer, its telling me " Commercial use detected, you session will close in 5 minutes", but i never used teamviewer for any commercial use, I only use it to connect to my pc from phone while at work or away from home, to install some games and apps.

    Does anyone know what can i do to fix this please?


  • dancarro50
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    Yesterday and today I got kicked off after 5minutes. I am only trying to help my son who is learning disables and my 95 year old mother. Teamviewer should be able to tell that I hardly ever use the service, but to screw me when I need it **bleep**.

  • User1234098
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    As my username says, the new TeamViewer **bleep**. I'm trying to help my 70 year old parents who live in another country. After creating an account myself (which I didn't need before) and having them painstakingly jump through a whole bunch of hoops to finally establish a connection (which was hard enough already previously for 70 year old non tech savvy parents, and is pretty near impossible in the new version), I now get disconnected every 5 minutes because I'm "using TeamViewer for commercial purposes".

    Is there any way to get my account unblocked? This is ridiculous. I've been using it for like 10 years to help my parents, but this is just unusable.

  • viper1986
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    Hi, I have the same problem recently. All my session are terminated after 5 min "using TeamViewer for commercial purposes" :/

  • Palanthas
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    Same case, have to help my parents send some important documents, after more than 10 years Teamviewer decided to block me. Being the IT of the family means that I have at least 3 family members and a couple of friends that constantly need my help. They're doing it on purpose to push their free users to business accounts. There used to be a support form where you'd inform them on how you're using your free account but seems like they've removed it. I am currently looking into open source alternatives, any suggestions would be nice.

  • AZMoosie
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    I suspect I'm in the same boat as most of the others in this thread. I have been using Teamviewer [TV] for years to stay in touch with relatives and friends in different states, or those distant from my current home. My use is personal, not commercial . As a 40 year IT professional, now a retired CIO, I try to help friends and family who are not technical in any significant way.

    I recently had to help a friend who lives about 58 miles from my location. Since her machine seemed to be locked, I had to drive to her home to assess her machine. Once I determined it had been infected with trojans I had to take it back to work on it in my home. As an aside, Bitdefender did not stop the infections, nor did Bitdefender provide any support. I worked on that machine for two days, a total of 15 hours. After I resolved the issues and returned the machine, I used TV to conduct follow-up checks.

    This past week I attempted to help a friend, on his 85th birthday and was shut down by TV. I tried again today assuming I had encountered a temporary glitch. No such luck. Although I did not receive a message about suspected commercial use, it smelled of that annoyance. I have experienced similar situations over the years and had to fill out essentially sworn statements, which I did to restore my access. The path to reactivation seems longer and longer, most likely to discourage 'free personal use'. After completing the required form, which took 45 minutes to locate, I was informed it would take up to five days to have access restored.

    When companies want to discourage unpaid access to their products, they diminish customer support to that customer base. Very sad. Hopefully my assessment will not jeopardize reactivation of my account.

  • jgarris
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    I've verified my non-commercial use several times now, but every few months I keep getting restricted.

    I use TV to help a few friends, and also to support a 501(c)3 organization to which I belong. I do not receive any compensation in any form for this.

    Can I get my account restored?

  • Stellarplacebo
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    I have used TeamViewer for many, many years. I do not have any kind of commercial business and only use it to help family members and a couple of friends. I have done this for years with TeamViewer. For some reason it recently believes I am using it commercially and wants me to purchase a license. I mean, I may use it once a month for instance if that much. Can't TeamViewer see how often I use it and realize I'm not using it commecially?

    How do I get the free version back and stop this problem?

  • LG1
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    Having the same issue, I have not used it for a while, and just transferring between computers in the same network and was hit with using for Commercial use, then come online to see that I cannot submit a support ticket without being a customer. If only they did have a personal use one maybe, but with this being second time. Not sure.

    I only use it for local use, or when I am out of home and parents need help and a very close friend if needs help as well.