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China VPN ban 2018

Recently the Chinese government gave notice to it's three service providers that they will have to block VPNs starting January 2018.  Will this affect use of TeamViewer in either direction through this Great Firewall?  Anywone with information please keep us posted.




  • trasky
    trasky Posts: 5

    Yup. that's happening. Can't believe my eyes see that. China is banning VPNs in Feb 2018 and they have already banned all VPN apps from App Store as well. 

    My friend in Shanghai told me about this issue when he wasn't able to find PureVPN in App Store and his subscription is now limited to Android, PC, and router only.

    What can we say about this? People of China should take stand against this because using a borrowed IP isn't illegal unless it is being used for wrong purposes and that depends on the user. 

    Let's see what happens.

  • j839384
    j839384 Posts: 2

    It's still available at the moment. I'm in Shanghai.

  • recolic
    recolic Posts: 1

    Silly **bleep** in chinese government failed to ban Shadowsocks and ShadowsocksR, and lots of more advanced proxy software (like shadow rocket). What's more, openvpn even works without any obfusing.