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Welcome to the new TeamViewer 13 Beta Board

Esther Posts: 3,970 Community Manager 🌍

Hi TeamViewer Community,
I am happy to announce the release of the brand-new TeamViewer 13 Beta. This board is to discuss all questions regarding the new version.
TeamViewer 13 Beta comes with a lot of new and exciting features that will help increase your productivity and provide a seamless work experience.
Stay tuned! We will continuously update you on the new features and possibilities with the new version in our Community Blog.
Please ask your questions about the new Beta version here and share your feedback, thoughts and experiences with us in this board.
I am looking forward to reading your questions and feedback.
Download TeamViewer 13 Beta now and get a sneak peek on the new features: 
All the best, Esther

Community Manager


  • Hi, I want to try the new 13 beta but the file doesn't exists:

  • Hello,

    I can't found the Beta version for opensuse.

    Where I can found this version?


    Best regards


  • ChristianCay
    ChristianCay Posts: 182 [Former Staff]

    Dear rootsandculture,

    Thank you for your post.

    The reason that you're not able to download is that link is not valid. May you please use this link instead?

    Have a try and let us know if this one works for you.

    Have a great day!


    Best regards,


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  • How do we diable BETA update? We have older versions in our enviornment, we would like to use the update / install full version feature, it only offers BETA. We want to install latest release version, ie 12.x

  • Squito
    Squito Posts: 3

    The 13 Beta should be classified as "Insider build" or add an option that TV can update itself to a higher main version as long as it is "stable". At the moment if you don't want TV to update itself to 13 beta from 12, you have to change the settings to only update within the main version. The alert that tells you that there is a new build (white box in the main window) does not tell you wether it's a beta update or a stable update, so if you don't allow TV to update main versions too, you pretty much won't know if it's 'safe' to update TV or not (probably unless you are subscribed to TV newsletters).

    @___Craig: within the advanced settings at "Install new versions automatically" choose "Update within this major version".

  • Hello, we have version 11 on some clients, when we click check for updates, it only gives us BETA. We do NOT want to install BETA, we want to upgrade to the latested released version 12.

    How do we disable BETA?

    I spoke to support they said to uninstall v11 and install v12, but Teamviewr support does not understand you can not do this via a Teamviewer connection, you need someother remote access to server or local access, which kind of defeats the purpose of Teamviwer and capabilities to upgrade or install full version using an existing TV session.

    Seems very strange that Teamviewer are now FORCING paying customers to install BETA software?

  • Why is v.13 BETA appearing in Teamviewer as a popup to upgrade to "the new version" when it is still in Beta?  My Advanced General settings are set to "Updates within this major version", and Insider Builds is not selected.  Why is Teamviewer 12 showing me a Beta as an upgrade, and prompting me to install it? 

    I have a number of friends and relatives I help remotely periodically with Teamviewer, and they get my help because they are elderly or not computer savvy.  Some will see the upgrade prompt and will mistakenly upgrade to the Beta, when they should not.  Then I will not be able to connect and help them unless I too upgrade to a Beta.  I do not run Beta software and neither should they.  Teamviewer should not be pushing a Beta as an upgrade to users who are not using Insider Builds.  Fix this please.

    For techs who pay for the commercial version of Teamviewer, this must be a real pain.  It is for me just as a personal user helping a few relatives.

  • Yes, it is a real *PAIN* for paying customers, I dont think Teamviewer product managers get it.

    I have a ticket open, raised a complaint to product managers, no repsonse from them yet.

  • akabook
    akabook Posts: 1

    That's how they S.U.C.K up more $$ from already paying customers.
    And now they are selling it with a subscription to get even more $$.
    How nice for them.

  • gcnyc
    gcnyc Posts: 3

    I have the same issue. We support our elderly parents and now that it has automtically updated and forced her like it is forcing me, we are not able to remote help. It has become a useless product :( and left people stranded.


  • beast-usa
    beast-usa Posts: 81 ✭✭

    When will we or will we see a 13 beta for Linux?
    I'm liking 13 but can't upgrade all the computers since I do most of my work from Linux. And 12 can't connect to 13. :( I upgraded my license to the subscription.

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,970 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi @beast-usa

    It´s great to hear that you like the new TeamViewer 13 :-)

    I cannot give you an exact date, but as @DanielStm mentioned in his Intro-post for Linux it is "a few weeks". I am sure he is working hard together with his team on releasing a full version of TeamViewer 13 for Linux soon.

    Best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • How about responding to all the questions above, about the Beta version appearing as an update to users who don't have Insider builds enabled and only update within versions?  So far, none of those posted questions have received a reply.

  • Yes, it would be good for Teamviewer to acknowledge they made a mistake, they are listening to their paying customers, and will assure us they have new poricesses in place so that they dont make this mistake again for the next BETA.


  • beast-usa
    beast-usa Posts: 81 ✭✭

    You can't install 12 over 13 and that was a problem in the last couple versions. Maybe they can change that in the future then it would be easy to roll back. But for right now you can upgrade to 13, log into their computers, install DWS. Log off TeamViewer and log in with DWS (make sure to download TeamViewer 12 while you are logged in with TeamViewer or upload version 12). DWS is my back-up login on every computer I work on. You can't do as much as TV with DWS, but you can un-install TV 13 (Keep Settings) re-install TV 12. Then you can roll yours back to TV 12. It's a little of a pain. But it works and if they are parents or non-computer people set them up on a "Standard Account" so they can't install anything without a admin password.

    That isn't really fair or true they help non-license people just as much as licensed people. They just have tons of people asking for help and sometimes different things take longer. When I first started using TeamViewer version 9. I was working on about 50 computers 100% free while I tried to make sure it would do everything I needed. And their tech support answered hundreds of questions for me! And they didn't really even have a license for what I was doing so they sold me a special license. I work on so many computers now all over the world and have tried so many different programs. And there is nothing even close to what TV offers. I do like and use DWS it is free but very limited. But it's always good to have a back-up. :)

    I can only test it on a couple computers right now because my main OS is Linux. So I can't upgrade to many computers or I won't have access. I normally work on 10 to 20 computers at a time. So far on the few I'm testing. :)
    1.) File upload I use that all the time.
    2.) Connecting to remote computers the speed seems to be much faster and I haven't had one can't connect!
    3.) Combining both boxes, but it needs to be thinner. lol 

  • @beast-usa My comment is true and it is fair. I have been a paying customer since V2. Teamviewer have not helped me by forcing BETA 13 updates. If I have a client on V11 there is no option to upgrade to V12. Autoupdate upgrades to v13. We have partners (some big corporates) that are only licensed to use v12, some v11 this causes major issues.

    Sure, let them try the BETA software, but not on COMMERCIAL licenses, unless their customers opt in to BETA.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi All,

    @beast-usa, thank you for giving this explanation.

    We wanted to address the concern of the update to TeamViewer 13 Beta.

    There has been a few post's regarding the update process only offering Teamviewer 13 Beta, where it seems as though the concern is that this is not a major version.

    Actually, this process is the same as it has been in the past years. Starting in the Beta phase if you on the latest version of a previous version (ex. Version 11),
    and you choose the "check for new version" you will only be offered the newest major version, which currently is TeamViewer 13 Beta.

    We can see that this may not be the option that licensed users want when supporting their client's, so we have brought this to our product management team for consideration.

    @Squito. Thanks for your suggestion. This was already taken into consideration as there was an insider build release in the weeks prior to TeamViewer 13 Beta release.
    We gathered feedback from our insider build testers and could therefore provide a stable and safe to update TeamViewer version.

    Still, we also want to encourage all users to test the Beta version and provide us with feedback to make an even better final version!

    All the best,


  • beast-usa
    beast-usa Posts: 81 ✭✭

    @___CraigI may have misunderstood you? Your customers are having the problem with it auto-updating? All my customers that are businesses all the computers have two logins "Admin - Business Name Standard User" none of Standard Users can upgrade to version 13 without the Admin password. And if they are all using admin accounts? Doesn't it warn them that upgrading could cause licensing problems? I have only upgraded 4 of my personal test systems to 13 and they all warned of the licensing problems? 
    And anyone using Windows that did update on accident can use "System Restore" and restore to a point when they still had version 12. No personal files are affected. That will also work on any workstation or server.

    @JonathanAdding the option to install the older version over the new one would really solve all those problems. Without needing to un-install the current version first.

  • Hi,

    Would like to know if there is any time frame on when you expect Teamviewer 13 to be out of Beta version?


  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi @Phillip,

    Thanks for your post!

    We do not have an official release date for when TeamViewer 13 will be finalized. In years past it has been mid December or so.

    @beast-usa. Thanks again for helping provide some clarification for this case.

    To all others regarding the TeamViewer 13 Beta update, I have created a feature request and added all accounts in this thread for the ability to install a 2nd version of TeamViewer over an existing installation without having to uninstall first.

    We cannot say if it will be implemented but we are happy to forward this to prodcut management as well.

    All the best,


  • Hi Any news on support for Google Pixel 2's currently it only allows screen mirroring and not remote control ?

    Many Thanks 


  • Hi, Thank you for your support and interest.

    I have downloaded the new version and it seems to face a problem that never seen again.

    When loading and connecting with the other PC ... everything is ok, BUT if i logout and close the connection and try to reconnect is appearing a screen as follows ...TeamViewer Problem.png

     and the connection can not be established ....

    Please any help is very welcome ... other wise the programm will result unusable ...

    Is this a version problem or something else ???

    Best Regards